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It’s my birthday and I had a wonderful day! Over 350 messages, found my office decorated with birthday banners and roses… Then my day ended with 3 bunches of roses from the 3 men in mybirthday cake life… and a fabulous dinner at Rouge.


– How to celebrate – without guilt.

– A couple tricks to avoid making more flab this summer from summer cocktails


I hear a lot of resistance from patients about making changes for health.

Especially for occasions, or seasons! Yes, It’s SUMMER so I can’t possibly eat healthy-be on a diet- not drink beer – I’m going to go out for Father’s day.

“Insert your reason here.”

For me: ‘It’s my birthday/ it’s ANY DAY  – I’m going to have wine’


I have to admit – I fell off the group detox today. I had a glass of wine… and my husband KNEW I would do it too. He, on the other hand has tremendous willpower and just makes up his mind and gets it done!!!

So what is this all about?

I think partly personality.

And partly brain chemistry.

And a lot of ‘a reason why.  ‘Why do you want health?”

To be with my kids? To travel? To…??

What do you have without health? Not a lot!!!

  1. Earn it.

Ensure you have done healthful things in keeping with your goal to earn it.

If you sat on your @$$ all day, a glass of wine might not be what you earned or is good for you!

Go dance for 5 minutes, move it-shake it!! Or go for a quick 7 minute stroll outside.

Do something.

Now, you absolutely have not burned the equivalent of calories, but 80% of your results come from food.

  1. Trade it.

So you want that glass of wine.

Are you still going to eat fruit? Have dessert?

I’m sure you teach your kids that you ‘Can’t have it all’ … this is especially true when it comes to alcohol and sugar.

Remember too that cocktails come loaded with sugar so pick wisely too.

Here’s how you do it without guilt and growing extra flab

  • Have good snacks available: Nuts and seeds, an apple, some cheese.
  • Don’t order on an empty stomach. And never take your first sip on an empty stomach. It’s so easy to lose count/ lose your care!
  • Fool your brain: I don’t like carbonated beverages, but order a Soda with lemon or lime. Sip this in between your glass of wine of cocktail. Remember that wine, alcohol are sugars and sugar becomes fat. The rate of absorption is slowed down when you eat cheese or nots or (anything actually) – however fat and fibre are best to slow down your blood sugar spike.
  • How will you look on the beach if you keep stuffing your face? Or in your shorts… or.. Don’t forget that extra fat cannot be hidden, so is that extra cocktail worth it? Horrify yourself – look around at people who are eating and drinking lots… and see if YOU want to look like that.


I had patients tell me they were confused by my post on my FACE! And treatments I mentioned.

Gifts below: explanation first. MORE GIFTS TODAY TOO.

As you may know, we have a full Cosmetic Medicine clinic to complete my philosophy of  “Inner Health. Outer Beauty”.

I used to be the ugly duckling at school. Crooked teeth, crazy curls, coke bottle bottom glasses…

After going through that, it’s important to me to look my best. Not fake and plastic, but my best.

I do little tweaks, every now and then. Not tons of treatments like you might think.

Anyhow, I created a very special approach to looking younger AND NATURAL.

It takes much more than Botox or Fillers to look natural.

There are 11 things that make you look older, faster. I like to look at those when I work with you.

These things affect COLLAGEN and your skin appearance. Like Rosacea. Like Age Spots.

Like big pores and irregular texture… Like turkey neck…

SKINTYTE™ is a treatment that… guess what??/ Tightens up loose skin.

It works on your jawline, your tummy, your arms… knees… anywhere that loose skin bothers you.

I thought I loved it more than Thermage®, because it feels like a warm stone massage more than a medical treatment.

However, I missed 2 of my scheduled treatments because it has to be repeated 3-6 times for a great result. And I’m busy. Always busy 😉

Aren’t you?

So Friday I had a Thermage® of my face and jawline and neck instead 😉

I was getting loose skin around my mouth and chin. Which doesn’t match my youthful cheek structure (I made that!!!) and eyes.

If you are self conscious in your bikini this summer: SkinTyte™ or Thermage® help strengthen your collagen, make NEW COLLAGEN, and give you younger, healthier looking skin. It lifts and tightens loose skin.
Save 25% on SkinTyte™ – this means you get your 4th treatment on us.

Want to just do ONE Thermage® and get it over with?

We will deduct the cost of one SkinTyte™ from your Thermage® total.
Save 25% on Collagen Skin and nail Support: a supplement that helps you from the inside.

Order TODAY.

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Happy Summer everyone!

Dr. N