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BOTOX COSMETIC® Wrinkle Treatment Without Downtime

Look Younger and refreshed without wrinkles

With BOTOX COSMETIC® at our Downtown Calgary Aesthetics Clinic, you can look as young as you feel!


Botox Cosmetic (R) is a purified protein that relaxes muscles that cause wrinkles. Muscles of facial expression move daily, as you speak, laugh, talk, frown or smile. These muscles strengthen over time. As they get stronger, they cause the overlying skin to wrinkle. The stronger the muscle, the deeper the wrinkle.

Botox blocks the nerves that tell your muscles to contract. Wrinkles soften when they don’t receive these messages to move. It is like stopping weight lifting. Muscle gets smaller and weaker when you stop working it out. This gives you a softer, smoother look.

These treatments are Health Canada approved for frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines). Many millions of people have used this treatment to help people achieve the youthful appearance they want. Other facial wrinkles are also treated by. Botox Cosmetic (R).

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What To Expect

Your wrinkles will soften or disappear. Your eyebrows will lift and you will look more alert and refreshed. Overall, you will look more youthful. With repeated treatments, your skin quality will improve and pores will look smaller in the areas treated.

If your wrinkles are etched into your skin, those fine lines will remain but look about 80% better. (Pull apart your skin where you have wrinkles and see if they resolve or if the skin has a fine crease that remains). Tiny needles are used to inject into the muscles that cause wrinkles. You will feel nothing more than a slight tingle for most treatments. IT is a comfortable and almost painless treatment.

Generally, after treatment patients experience pinpoint redness around treated sites that last a few minutes and typically resolve before you get back home. Light makeup can conceal the redness which is applied at the clinic before you leave. Results are achieved, gradually, between three and 14 days of treatment. Our Botox Cosmetic (R) in Calgary can reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches when areas like the forehead and glabella (Between the eyebrows) are treated.

Very occasionally, some people may experience a mild headache. Rarely, you could get a bruise at an area of injection if you have a lot of veins in the area. Side effects like Spock eyes and droopy brows or uneven results are not from the Botox Cosmetic(R) but from where it is injected. LiveYounger offers a guarantee on your results so you can rest easy knowing that our experienced injectors will give you results you can count on.

To find out if this treatment is right for you contact us for a complimentary consultation and skin health assessment.

Feel Confident with Physician Administered Treatments.

Any BOTOX COSMETIC® neuromodulator or dermal filler treatment, is only as good as the person injecting the product. With over 17 years of injecting experience, and many courses, updates and advanced injection training, you are assured of great results that you are happy with. This is why we offer you a money back guarantee on your treatment. New patients receive a special welcome package and free Botox per area treated. 

(*with Glabella and Crow’s feet treatments, Nefertiti lift and platysmal bands) You will receive personal care and natural looking results. Book your consultation for Botox in Calgary now to look younger, more refreshed and completely natural.

BOTOX COSMETIC® is a registered trademark of Allergan Inc.

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The “number 11” frown lines:
Why standard dosing is outdated.
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Botox Facials
Botox Facials Services

Glabella lines are found over the glabella area which lies between your eyebrows. There are muscles that lie on your skull that make up the glabella complex.

As these muscles get stronger, they cause the skin above to pull together and wrinkle.

The glabella complex is made up of the Procerus muscle and the corrugators which lie on each side of the Procerus.

Each person makes different wrinkles and patterns of wrinkles based on the strength of their muscles and how the muscle is positioned on their face.

This is why the standard dosing of Botox is outdated.
When trained to treat the glabella lines, there is a standard pattern and dosing taught to injectors.
They leave with a ‘recipe’ handbook of what dose to treat each area.

As you can see above, the lines are different and the shape of the glabella complex is different for each person.

In picture 1, there is a horizontal line across the base of the nose when she frowns. Her number 11 lines are uneven, with the right corrugator being stronger than the left. The line is deeper on that side as well.

In picture 2, we can see that this person activates their eye muscle and creates lines into the upper eyelid when they frown. Ignoring this would mean increased lines on the eyelids if only the glabella is treated.

This is because when we decrease movement in one set of muscles, other muscles work harder or activate more easily in an effort to make facial expressions.

In picture #3, it is clear that her right corrugator is stronger then the left. The line caused by the stronger muscle is deeper. In this circumstance, the dosing must be customized for the muscle strength and depth of the line.

Eyebrow height is affected by glabella complex strength. Notice that when these women frown, their eyebrows lower and are heavier.
An eyebrow lift is easy to achieve when the downward pull of the glabella complex is neutralized, and the frontalis muscle (forehead muscle) can pull the eyebrow up higher.

We guarantee your results.

Call 403 2372353 to book your consultation. You can rest easy with our money-back guarantee on all Botox Cosmetic (R) treatments.

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