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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is available by prescription from a physician educated in the use of medical marijuana for treatment of health conditions. Our doctors at Live Younger Medical Clinic will help you treat these health conditions. 

Medical Marijuana plays an important role in overall health. It has been used for thousands of years and proven to be safe. More people die from alcohol poisoning and alcohol overuse. Medical Marijuana has been shown to have nothing in common with those use negative results of alcohol.

THC has the psychoactive properties and is used mainly for sleep and for evening dosing.

CBD has no psychoactive properties, and can be safely prescribed in high doses for anxiety and inflammation amongst other benefits.

You Deserve A Better Quality of Life

All those years of writing prescriptions, I realized my patients weren’t really getting BETTER. A drug for this and a drug for that…the same dose for everyone, even though every person is a unique individual. Then I discovered a Better way!