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IV Nutrient therapy

A vitamin drip or IV vitamin therapy is a safe and effective way to boost your health and energy.

IV vitamin therapy helps restore your levels of important nutrients quickly. They support detoxification and deliver anti-oxidants straight to your cells.

Types of IVs:

Most IVs are customized to what you need.

Most popular is a Myer’s cocktail, a blend of magnesium and multivitamins and B vitamins to help give you support for the most common vitamins that get depleted from stress and daily living.

Fatigue Fighter is a more comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals to help energy and metabolism.

Immune booster, Stress formula, Immune enhancer are other IV blends we can tailor to your needs.

To get your body in the best state for hormone rebalancing and healthy aging, the most important nutrients are magnesium, all the different B vitamins, some of the trace minerals, Vitamin C. These support the immune system and your stress response. Chronic stress and being busy, decreased function of the digestive system lead and toxicity all lead to depletions of these nutrients. You have less than you need so your body functions, but LESS well.


Benefits of IV therapy:

Why IV vitamin therapy instead of pills?

Nutrients provide the building blocks for every process in your body. Hormones cannot work, muscle and bone cannot build, and DNA cannot replicate without proper nutrients.

In today’s world, we have low-quality food. The soil is depleted of nutrients from over-farming. The use of pesticides and herbicides has killed off microbes in the soil. These microbes are an important part of the ecosystem. The produce you eat often comes from faraway countries, harvested before it is ripe, sprayed with chemicals to ripen along the journey, and irradiated to kill off bugs that could come into our country. Then it is stored, both in the store and in your fridge. Studies show that as produce is stored, its nutritional value deteriorates.  

Overall, you cannot get enough of the essential nutrients you need from food alone.

Taking vitamin supplements helps your body improve the supply you need for optimal function. The main problem you face is that there are many factors affecting the absorption of nutrients from your gut. IV nutritional therapy helps essential vitamins and minerals bypass your digestion and go straight to your cells. It also repletes your stores so your body can work optimally and feel better than ever.

Higher doses of vitamins can be infused into your body.

Vitamin C, for example, at high doses helps improve immune system function. Taking it by mouth causes diarrhea before the dose needed can be reached. When you have chronic stress, your body requires higher doses of certain nutrients to recover your resilience. IV vitamin therapy with magnesium, vitamin C and B, and essential minerals help support your stress response. Certain other nutrients, like NAD, only show benefit through IV therapy and not when taken by mouth.

IV vitamin therapy is efficient and effective to help you feel better, and faster.

Your GUT:

Your gut is the most important organ system in your body. It digests your food and makes available the life sustaining nutrition from your food to your cells.

Your gut is affected by the pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, and additives that fill most of the food you consume. Stress and pollution also affect your gut function. It has been observed that as a person ages in the modern world, the function of the gut deteriorates faster than most other systems. When you have bloating, heartburn constipation, gas, IBS, diarrhea, cramping, indigestion, or other stomach-related symptoms; you are not able to absorb everything you need from food. 

By the time you are in your 30s, and even before for many people; you start to make fewer digestive enzymes. This further affects the absorption of nutrients from your food. When your body’s nutrient stores are lower, you can function but not well. This is why people feel more tired, have poor sleep, irritability, anxiety, muscle twitches or aches, weakness, headaches and migraines, allergies, problems with weight, mood, and so on.

Nothing significant enough to need treatment but enough to know you don’t feel awesome.

Many people seek natural medicine to solve issues that they cannot solve through traditional doctor visits.

Whether it is chronic pain or fatigue, weight gain, inability to lose weight and keep it off, mood swings or depression that isn’t helped by mediation; many people have a lot of symptoms that are written off to ‘getting old’.

In Functional Medicine, we believe in solving the root cause of what is causing your issues.

A very important component of restoring your health to optimum is ensuring that your body has adequate nutrients to heal, repair and restore itself to best functioning.

NAD: Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide.

NAD is a co-enzyme and derivative of Vitamin B3.

It enhances cellular healing, helps mitochondria make more energy and has been used to treat addictions and prevent relapses in addicts over the years.

Beyond that, the benefits of NAD IV therapy  include:

Your first NAD IV should be followed by a second one within the same week. Then weekly until the effects last longer.

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