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Chiropractic care is dedicated to keeping your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints healthy, pain free and in alignment. Especially in today’s world, it is an integral part of keeping your body functioning well.
Poor posture and misalignment, or tendon shortening and pain can be caused by sitting at a desk for hours and hours, hunched over on video games, driving for long periods of time, poor sleep and using pillows that may not be best suited for your neck Injuries like whiplash, sporting injuries, falls and other trauma Wearing heels Poorly fitting shoes
Natural changes of foot structure with aging

Close up of Physiotherapist working with patient in clinic

A Doctor of Chiropractic is registered with a licensing body. They are a regulated profession.
Chiropractors have long been thought of as someone who ‘cracks’ your spine; which is known as ‘adjustments’.
There is so much more to Chiropratic than adjustments.
An experienced chiropractor does a full bio-mechanical and neurological assessment because your nervous system is connected to your muscles, ligaments and joints.
Your posture and alignment of all parts of your body is assessed.
Soft tissue manipulation is part of chiropractic care. This technique stretches muscles that are in spasm or tight and constricted.
It is also used on ligaments and tendons.

Dry needling is used to release tension and spasm. It is very effective. Medical cupping is used to treat adhesions and for fascial release. Adhesions form when you injure muscles. Think of it like scar tissue. Fascia is the lining over the muscle. It can have adhesions or get ‘tight’. Releasing this helps the muscle pain be relieved more effectively.

Chiropractic works well to treat all sorts of pain:

Chiropractic also works well to protect your posture and enhance athletic function. You do not need to be in pain to see a chiropractor. You can have maintenance treatments at our Medical Spa in Calgary to keep your muscles and ligaments and tendons in optimal function to protect against future injuries in the case of over-exercise or a slip and fall or other injury.

Close up of Physiotherapist working with patient in clinic
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