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Looking After Your Health

Live Younger Medical is a cutting-edge Medical clinic that provides Precision and Longevity Medicine. Combining new age advances in genetic, nutritional and longevity science with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, we have changed lives for over 16 years.

We are a team of healthcare professionals in the specialty areas of health and wellness medicine. We are dedicated to looking after your health and your anti-aging goals. We are pleased that we can treat all of your concerns in one convenient place. All of us at Live Younger look forward to helping you feel and look younger, become more vibrant, and enjoy your best life.

The Triangle Of Health

The clients we see come from all over Canada, and some from as far as Peru, Saudi Arabia, London England and the United States. Most of our clients have seen many doctors only to be told their tests are all normal. Many are told it is just getting old, or that it is mental. They struggle through life feeling a shadow of who they really are and all that they can be. 

We do more than bio-identical hormone treatment. Hormones are only a small part of the solution to restore your health and protect your longevity. When you receive hormone treatments without any attention to the complexity of your whole being, they do not solve your health issues in the long term. We know you can feel better on hormone therapy fairly quickly. Many patients who try bioidentical hormone therapy in isolation find that the results are short lived, or they develop side effects, or many symptoms continue. A few ‘lucky’ people get great results from their bio-identical hormone treatments. Their luck is based on their lifestyle and other things they are already doing.

To Live Younger, we know that you need a multifaceted approach. Healing your gut, supporting your liver enzyme pathways, understanding your genes, helping your mitochondria work more efficiently, enhancing your strength and endurance and stamina, lowering your body’s response to stress: these are some of the areas we look at to give you optimal results for a long and healthy life.

Nothing about health is compartmentalized. Everything is connected. Even your past, since birth is relevant. All your experiences and exposures, all of your life is relevant to a complete longevity program that incorporates Precision Medicine testing and guidance, in addition to bio-identical hormone therapy.

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Live Your Best Life

Live Younger Medical provides discerning clients with an opportunity to approach their Healthy aging and Longevity by addressing multiple components of health and beauty. In a medically supervised yet serene environment, you will receive care by certified professionals. Live your life powerfully, doing everything you want to, when you want to.

Live Longer

As you age, the quality of your life takes on a new level of importance. Functional and
Regenerative Medicine is the study of keeping you functioning at your best, using natural and preventive
medicine strategies. This cutting edge approach is one of the fastest growing, most advanced fields in medicine.

Look Younger & Naturally Youthful

When you are happy with your appearance, it’s natural to feel more confident and more appealing. Maybe you’re not pleased with fine lines and wrinkles that are starting to appear. Perhaps acne scars trouble you or you have age spots and blemishes, or thinning and sagging skin that make you look older than you feel.

Anti-aging skin treatments and specialized protocols can slow down aging, helping you to look younger and feel more youthful again. Customised skin treatments with a focus on cell rejuvenation and reversing aging internally help our clients enjoy a youthful and radiant appearance. An increasing number of our satisfied male clients have discovered the benefits of these treatments in our clinical, yet comfortable and discreet environment. Using precision medicine we can assess how fast your cells are aging, and what the causes are. This allows sophisticated programs to be created for you that allow you to age younger, both inside and out. When your cells grow younger, you do not need an extensive skin treatment program to look younger! You simply are.

Worry No More

Clients are seeking our services to restore their performance at younger ages than ever before. In this hectic world we live in, protecting your health has never been more important. Conventional Medicine treats issues long after its evolved into illness and disease. We detect and reverse declining physiology early. Stress accelerates aging and has been linked to a higher risk for cancer, low immunity and burnout. Stress is also a large contributor to lower productivity in the workplace, and it affects both employers and employees. But you don’t have to let stress control you. You can learn how to harness the power to manage and control your stress.

A Healthy Living or Stress Reduction program designed specifically for you is the solution to being the best at work and in your personal life.

We also offer a special Employers program to help you retain your key employees: improve their health, enjoyment and productivity. Just e-mail us for more information.


Look As Good As You Feel – Or Even Better

Your appearance is a direct reflection on you and your health. How you represent yourself sets the stage for your quality of life and how you are treated. That’s why how you look on the outside is so crucial to your overall health and well being.

Our extensive range of skin treatments and aesthetic solutions can help you look your best every day. From your head to your toes and everything in between, we have the treatments to keep you looking amazing and feeling amazing.

Contact us today to book your appointment. We look forward to helping you.

You Deserve A Better Quality of Life