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I had my best run ever since I started vitamins 2 weeks ago. It is great to notice a difference. They’re fantastic Sheila Musgrove, Founder of TAG recruiting and winner of the Bennet Jones Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year award.

The Need For Supplements

Have you ever stopped to consider if the food you’re eating is truly providing all the nutrients you need? Are you aware that the daily recommended allowance (RDA) of vitamins and nutrients is no longer adequate for today’s lifestyle?

The reality is – the quality of food that we’re consuming is compromised and is no longer providing us with the nutrients we require to live our healthiest life. 

Supplements Nutritional

Why Food Is Failing Us

  • Food is harvested for shipment before it has fully ripened – sacrificing the nutritional potential.
  • Fresh produce is treated with chemicals to preserve colour and texture during shipment. The food looks beautiful, but it’s a chemical beauty.
  • The food you consume is genetically modified, directly impacting the way your body processes it.
  • Animals are enhanced with hormones to make them grow larger, and treated with antibiotics to prevent disease. You are ingesting these substances when you consume meat and dairy products.
  • Herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers are used on fresh produce that you consume. These toxins accumulate within your body for years.
  • Nutrients are destroyed by microwaving, frying or cooking with high heat. Toxins are also produced during these cooking processes.
  • Overcooking, prolonged storage and the chemicals used to preserve food all diminish the overall nutritional value of food, at the same time increasing the toxic load.

The Toxin Load

Many people don’t realize the extent of the toxin load accumulating in their bodies. With herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers being used on the food we eat, such toxins enter the body and accumulate throughout the years. It is hardly surprising that they can actually become more harmful over the passage of time..

Your body works hard to detoxify and get rid of these harmful chemicals – utilizing enzymes, and highly specialized pathways that require the correct vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in order to operate efficiently.

While your body works hard to defend itself from toxins, it is further assaulted by chemicals that were originally intended to help us in the modern world. Things like bug spray, weed killer, cleaning products, paints and petrochemicals can all contain toxins that impact our overall health. 


How You Can Protect Health

It may sound like the odds are stacked against you, but there are some very easy changes you can make to help protect and improve your overall health.
  • DO eat whole foods.
  • DO eat unprocessed food.
  • DO eat organic meat and vegetables.


Make sure to supplement your food consumption with potent and pure nutritional supplements derived from whole food. This means that the nutrients you take in the form of vitamins and supplements must not be processed with heat.


“I noticed more energy after 10 days. That’s so important to me so I can keep working and not feel like I am slowing down.” ~ M.R.,36 years old Entrepreneur and Environment protector.

‘My husband is taking my supplements regularly because he says he can think more clearly and has more energy!’

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