Why people look ‘fake’ or overdone with injectable filler

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Tips on when you need filler and how to get a natural look.

When it comes to facial aging, many things are changing with each decade. Women, and more and more men, all over the world are choosing non surgical options to look younger.
Filler replaces lost volume.
When there is too much, you start to look weird and not like yourself.

From your 30’s and into your 40’s: you start to lose volume in the apples of your cheeks.
At an early stage it is barely noticeable except when you apply blusher – your cheek ‘apples’ aren’t as full or rosy.
Once this occurs, you will notice a few things:
The ‘nasolabial fold’ starts to become noticeable, as opposed to the smooth, airbrushed look of teenagers and 20-some-year olds.
The hollowing out of the cheek fat pad creates a ‘naso-jugal fold’. The deeper it gets, the more it seems to merge with the hollowing of your under eye.
This naso-jugal fold runs almost parallel to your nano-labial fold but higher up.

Why? The cheek fat pad is the apple of your cheek.
It starts to ‘fall’ in a direction towards your nostril. As it vacates it’s usual location, the naso-jugal fold remains where your cheek apple used to be.
In as much as we see naso-jugal and nasolabial folds in women over 40; many younger women experiencing high stress or significant weight loss present with these in their 20’s or 30’s.

The weight of the cheek fat pad coupled with the weakening collagen strands causes deepening and accentuation of you nasolabial fold.
The folds that form between your nostril and angle of your mouth.
By the time you are in your 40’s this becomes bothersome enough that most women start to pull up on their skin while looking in the mirror!

For many years, cosmetic doctors and nurses have been taught to inject filler into the nasolabial fold.
Initially there were many more side effects, including obstruction of important blood vessels leading to skin death (necrosis).
Products and techniques have improved over the years resulting in fewer side effects.

I never recommend injecting filler into your nasolabial folds first.
I prefer to assess your skin health, your collagen laxity and the amount of displacement of your cheek fat pad.
I then reconstruct the anatomy of the facial structures, starting with the medial cheek compartment, lateral cheek compartment and then the mid cheek volume.<
I use a single entry point and a cannula – which is a tiny introducer that is painless and causes no bruising; far safer than a needle.
I use Teosyal Ultimate®

Once these compartments are restored to normal anatomy, I reassess your face; and your nasolabial folds.
Using the same entry point I then add a little it of filler into the nasolabial folds and then the Marionette lines.

1 Syringe of Teosyal Ultimate ® 2 weeks after

What used to take 2-3 syringes of other products, now can be accomplished with one syringe of Teosyal Ultimate®

As the upper face compartments are restored, something very interesting happens:
There is no intrusion into the lower eyelid.
And there is improvement of the jawline definition, the marionette line/ fold, the nasolabial folds: a non surgical ‘lifting’ occurs.

This patient did not want a complete reversal of volume loss. She wanted no-one to notice anything, just look fresher/ less tired.
Note that she still has the nasojugal fold visible. But it is less deep; hence the light reflects better and she looks more refreshed.
With cosmetic injecting, we want to use light reflection and contours to add to our results and use less product.
Look at the shadow and folds in the ‘after’ picture. Many areas of ‘concern’ are still there – just BETTER.

In the picture below is a classic example of over-filling. You can see the filler volume from the cheeks is intruding into the lower eyelids and causing the ‘chipmunk look’ that many women tell me they dislike and it makes them afraid of filler.
This is a distortion of normal anatomy. And obliteration of the normal tear troughs.
Tear troughs do hollow out with age and become a great source of concern for the aging woman: dark circles and deep hollowing.
This makes men and women both seek out eye creams and treatments for under eye circles.
I love Teosyal Redensity 2
Not only is the particle size and fluidity perfect for the under eye area, it has nutrients that help lighten the dark circles and thicken up the thinning, crinkled skin.

What is fairly nicely done is the mid cheek.

The crinkles/ smile lines of the mid cheek arise from 2 things:

  • volume loss in the cheek
  • thinning skin

Using the same SINGLE entry point mentioned above, I restore mid cheek volume to look natural.
No bruising.
And matched to your jawline and upper face aging state.
How to get it RIGHT:
This ‘chipmunk cheek’  look occurred because the injector was chasing youth with filler alone.
From all my articles and blogs, I think you know that by the time you are in your 40’s-50’s and 60’s you have got to look at skin laxity (looseness)
AND collagen strengthening.
You MUST work on tightening the skin instead of over filling with injectable filler.
In this example, not only are the cheeks overfilled; but the nasolabial folds are injected to the point of causing the entire upper lip to look fattened.
There is that ‘plastic’ look to the skin and folds.
The other thing to notice is that the forehead is so flat and smooth compared to the outer eye ‘crow’s feet’. And of course, the upper eyelids look too thin and crinkled compared to the rest of the face.
The forehead has been treated with Botox or other neuromodulator far more often than the crow’s feet. Which again is causing ‘age mismatch’.

This is why I create a 1 year plan to restore your you to the point where you are happy to look in the mirror. Not everyone has the same goals.
Some people want to NOT LOOK OLDER.
Some people want to look fresh.
Others want to look younger.
And others want to look as young as possible.
No matter your goal, I will create a plan that looks after all the different aspects of skin and facial aging.
From skin texture and tone, to radiance.
From pigment damage to collagen loss – we reverse all of this. Always keeping the upper 1/3 looking like the same age as the middle and lower 3rds of your face.
And in particular, your jawline.
As soon as you LOVE your result; I then place you on maintenance.
No more than twice a year Botox.
No more than every 2 years for injectable filler. Teosyal Ultimate® is a very long lasting filler.
And a specific customized plan for skin radiance and texture; and collagen maintenance that stops all further aging.
Clinically proven at Stanford University; we can keep you Forever Young. It is affordable and for almost all skin types except the darkest skin type.
Book your Looking Younger Naturally consultation NOW.
All consultations with me include:
A full anti-aging skin treatment
A ‘Hormonal aging’ assessment
A plan for skin management internally, including nutrients, diet and hormones that affect skin aging.
Please bring all medication and skin care and supplements to your consultation.
Plan for an hour with me, and additional time for your Visia Skin Analysis, pictures and Q & A

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