3 Summer hacks to keep health risks away

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We went out for a walk in Rosehill park at dusk. Within minutes, Kaelan was itchy. He reacts to mosquito bites with large welts that itch more than they should.

I get a bite and within a few hours, there is no evidence of it.


Did you know that your immune system is at play when it comes to how severely you react to mosquito bite.

One thought lead to another, and I realized we haven’t chatted about safe summer care.

Insect repellent is full of awful toxins.

Think about that next time you re spraying yourself all over with OFF!

Natural alternative: most common is Citronella. That smell makes my stomach turn – I really hate it!

How about you?

I decided to do some online ‘google-ing’ and came up with these oils that work as well:

Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Thyme, Geranium, Clove, Sage, Cinnamon, Rosemary.

My ‘nose-buds’ are getting excited. I can’t wait to try them.

I like to eat lots of garlic (my family doesn’t appreciate that) because that works too.

I read that taking B vitamins is also effective to repel mosquitoes.


The days are LONG. And it’s easy to find more things to do and not get to bed on time.

Your immune system is affected by lack of sleep.

Here’s a video on Melatonin that Kaelan and I made when we started our ‘Prevent Cancer: Stop waiting for the Cure’


Take Melatonin an hour before you go to bed.

And go to bed on time for your 7-8 hours of sleep that is optimal.

Make sure your room is DARK.

In Fort Mc with all the shift work, almost everyone says they notice that the special lozenge of Melatonin that we bring from the US works BETTER than other ones they have tried.

Reply now and order Melatonin and receive my ‘Steps to Better Sleep’ Report, with ideal dosing instructions.

One sleep hack is to establish an evening relaxation routine instead of sitting glued to your screens and devices.

I’m going on and on about Immune System – cancer and Autoimmune disease come from a weakened or skewed immune system.

I’m here to remind you about this and keep you on track.

WINE!!!! This is GOOD news!

PESKY CARBS HIDING EVERYWHERE. Seems that my red wine is still safe!!

Glycation is a process we are trying to avoid since it leads to aging and inflammation.

This and many other medical reasons, I recommend a LOW CARB food style.

Bellinis, cocktails, beer, alcohol, burger buns and hotdog buns all come to mind when I think of things my patients are doing MORE or in the summer.

I did a quick search yesterday (I was TRYING to be on a very low carb FoodStyle to be more shapely for summer hehehe – I lasted 3 days!!)

I had in my mind that gin or vodka would have fewer carbs so I would treat with that.

Gin and Soda with lime.

Sounds safe, right?


It seems that wine has 2.6g of carbs in 5oz of red (makes NO sense to me – where are the 85 calories coming from?)

And the GIN that I ordered has 28g of carbs in ONE OUNCE!!!


I will the to research it.

Stay tuned…

In the mean time avoid the burger buns and hotdogs (have you read my last newsletter about the danger of processed meats?) and beer and sweet cocktails.

Enjoy that glass of wine. Or ounce of gin or vodka…

Summer Hack: Give up eating fruit and starchy veggies to earn your alcoholic beverage.

It’s about trading.

All of your life is trading, isn’t it??