Laughter IS the best medicine!!!

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A recent study proved that laughter helps your brain work Live Younger – after watching a funny video; test subjects did better on short term memory tests AND had lower stress hormone levels on saliva testing.

  • Cortisol is your stress hormone that helps you cope with stress.
  • Chronic elevation of cortisol is implicated in BELLY FAT storage.

So, the less stress you have, the Live Younger your memory.
When you laugh, you increase endorphins which help your brain levels of dopamine. You feel Live Younger and your immune system works Live Younger.

So, laugh: at yourself when you slip up; with others when you are enjoying time together; create reasons to laugh.

Keep your mind and your memory sharper with Brain Memory.
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  • Improve brain blood flow
  • Maintain levels of AcetylCholine (Ach): your brain chemistry important for memory and learning.
  • Ach levels decline with age: take 2 capsules a day with food to maintain your brain.