The Bloody Truth To Looking Younger

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Natural Treatments for a younger looking appearance.

Are you looking for more natural solutions to:

  • Look Refreshed?
  • Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles?
  • Improve Skin Tone and Texture?
  • Appear More Radiant?

If you are one of the many women embracing an all natural lifestyle, you might not be looking at Botox as a solution to looking younger. Even though Botox is not much different than certain types of antibiotics in its origins, and is very safe when administered by a highly trained and experienced physician, it just isn’t the right choice for some women. However, with the modern advances made in aesthetic medicine, you have choices. Many choices!

Let’s talk about Platelet Rich Plasma. You may have heard the term Vampire Lift™, and this is not exactly what I am writing about. The Vampire Lift™ is a patented combination of injectable filler and Selphyl – another way to process blood similar to PRP, (hence the reference to vampires)!

What can PRP do you for you?

  • Improve Tone and Texture
  • Heighten Radiance
  • Aid in Stretch Mark Removal
  • Acne Scar Reduction/ Reversal

What exactly does this mean? You know the ugly ‘orange peel’ look of your chin that comes with getting older? The fine lines around your mouth and chin? The crinkly skin around your eyes and neck that just don’t match the rest of your face?

All this gets Live Younger. Old and young, PRP can help your skin issues. It works by adding back your own Growth Factors derived from your platelets, a component of your blood. This stimulates your cells to regenerate in a healthier and younger looking way.

PRP is all natural anti-aging for your skin. No side effects. No downtime. (The occasional bruise may occur, especially if you are prone to bruising. Don’t worry, nothing that can’t be covered up by makeup, as the treatment is very superficial in the skins layers).

For November 2014, just in time for Halloween to come and go, we want to suck your blood Muahaha… (not in the Dracula sort of way)! So come down to clinic and try the Vampire part of the Vampire Life™. Remember that only the physician who patented that technique does the original Vampire Lift and those trained by him. I do everything different – if you know me at all… 😉 Always creating my own approach and techniques with a guarantee that in my hands, you will always look younger, naturally.

Sincerely, Dr. Natasha Iyer MD FIND OUT MORE ABOUT PRP!