Holiday season is a time for a few good drinks…

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Alcohol: to drink or not to drink… that is the question 😉
When we review the communities who live the longest and have way better health than those of us in North America… well, they consume alcohol to a small degree.
I’m not saying don’t.
I’m not saying do.

Here are a few things to consider as you approach the holiday season, all the parties, festivities, fun and excitement… even the emotions and stress of it.

Your liver health is foundational to overall health:

When your body’s toxic burden is elevated, and you don’t feel ‘awesome’ all the time… then alcohol might not be the best for you.
The matter is, usually, you don’t just have ONE drink when you are out socially, do you?
Alcohol os processed through your liver enzyme systems.
If already backed up by an existing toxic burden from everything around you (more about this in a different post), alcohol may further inhibit proper functioning of your lover and thus, impact your biochemistry.
Clean biochemistry is important for optimal hormone functions, remember?

Grapes grown in certain regions are sprayed highly with fungicide and pesticides of all kinds.
Grapes are part of the dirty dozen.
Depending on your toxic burden, this could be your tipping point.
-> drink organic. Or, old world and South American for lower pesticide content.
You are going to have to research this.

Calories, Oh Calories!!!

Alcohol is usually mixed with carbonated, sugary beverages or fruit juice.
Bad idea – all that sugar is inflammatory. And the calories!!!
-> so you want to anyway?
Drink clear spirits with a dash of fresh lemon or lime.
Vodka, tequila or Gin might be good options if you can find a taste for them.
Muddled fresh berries? Cucumber?
Create your own cocktails if you can.
And don’t even think about diet soda!!!!
Tomato or Clamato juice??? Arrrgghh! Stay away from those too.

Gut health and bloated belly:
Alcohol adds to your ‘leaky gut’ and … well, this is a whole ‘bother post 😉
Suffice to say that you may notice you are puffy the next day.
Or have a bloated belly.
If so, you already know what to do even if you aren’t doing it: stay away from it!!!

So, what can you do?

Going to a party:

  • Eat at home before you leave.
  • Drink your medical food to protect your liver and gut.
  • Carry nuts/ an apple/ some cucumber sticks in your purse or your partner’s purse!!!
  • Drink water. Lots of it.
  • Set your goal of how many drinks (I recommend 2 maximum) you will have and stick to it.
  • Be social. You will chat more and drink less.

And of course, earn your treats and indulgences:

  1. eat more low calorie foods all day,
  2. trade your fruit and anything sweet for the drinks you will consume in the evening.
  3. make sure you get in your exercise – even 15 minutes of weights and resistance training during the day.

After all, nothing in life is ‘free’… is it?