Energy Suckers

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I’m tired‘ – we hear this a lot at Live Younger.
It is one of the most common problems we solve!!!

Hormones are your most important chemistry of life.
 CORTISOL… the belly fat hormone – looks after your energy too.
There are many reasons you ‘run low’ on cortisol.

You may already have heard of ‘adrenal fatigue’.
It is not just having relationship stress or financial stress or the usual stresses that lead to this ‘adrenal fatigue’.
Remember the past email on EXERCISE?
– Hard exercise, training, running-jogging, spin classes, hot yoga – can all add to your ‘adrenal fatigue’.

Other ‘energy suckers’

Toxic people/ negative people: Do you have these people in your work environment or personal circles?
Most people are raised to be ‘polite’.
You often have no idea what to do about this.
You can’t fire the person you work with.
You can’t kick out of your family the person who drains you.
And you can’t change another person no matter how much you try!!!!

Toxins!!! Many more articles coming up over the next few months on toxicity.
There are many hidden places you are being exposed to foreign chemical substances that affect the ‘energy making machines’ in each cell.
LIPSTICK, red lipstick especially and many other make-up products have lead and other toxic substances in them.
DRYCLEANING – the chemicals from dry cleaning can affect you as well.

HINT: Hang your dry cleaning for 3 days in your garage before bringing into your home.
Live Younger yet!! Find a dry cleaner who uses more environmentally friendly and health friendly cleaning chemicals.