Exercise – the Good and the Bad

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Did you know…
The rules for exercise for longevity have changed?

What is best is intermittent, shorter periods of exercise to maximize your healthy longevity.

You limit oxidative stress.
Oxidative stress occurs when you have less anti-oxidants compared to free radical levels.

With prolonged, hard exercise, your ‘tear down’ hormones rise and your ‘build up- repair’ hormones fall below that critical level required to get maximum results.
For each person, this is different… it takes different amounts of exercise and a different level of oxidative stress.
The good news is that all this can be measured.

Runners and heavy exercises (those that work out hard for an hour a day or longer) suffer chronic injuries, arthritis, tendonitis more commonly than those than exercise for 20 minutes a day.

What if exercise makes you feel good? Or helps you meet your appearance goals?
Then go ahead, knowing that you need specific repletion protocols to help you maximize the results and minimize the injuries and poor recovery.
A proper athletic repletion program helps you prevent plateaus and reach new levels of exercise.
At Live Younger we offer testing to assess exactly what micronutrients are needed to enhance your performance, restore your body to best function and perform Live Younger and Live Younger at your exercise programs you love, whether it is CrossFit, Spin classes, running or heavy weight training.

One important nutrient required to combat oxidative stress is Resveratrol a powerful antioxidant.

It has been clinically proven to protect heart health, reduce dementia risk and skin health.
Instead of all the sugar (alcohol!) from the 4-6 bottles of wine required to obtain the therapeutic amount of Resveratrol… Pure Encapsulations creates PURE nutritional supplements.
Without fillers, additives or any artificial substances, you get PURE Resveratrol.
(Please note this is not the only anti-oxidant needed for good health.)