Why UCLA is wrong when they say ‘Dieting doesn’t work’

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If you are like most of my patients, the panic button has been activated.

It’s hot. And they need to get their light clothes on… now they can’t hide the small, or big bulges!
My patients are quite educated on health.
And they know that hormones control everything. So they come to me saying ‘you need to fix my thyroid’ or ‘my hormones are off balance, so I’m gaining weight’.

At moments like this though, they forget my famous (I think it is famous) saying
“Everything is connected to everything else”.

And what this means is: just taking thyroid hormone isn’t the solution!!!

Here’s a key statement from the study:
“83 percent gained back more weight than they had lost, Mann said. One study found that 50 percent of dieters weighed more than 11 pounds over their starting weight five years after the diet…”

That’s horrible!!!

Here’s some reasons ‘diets’ don’t work.

1. Its a diet.
No-one I know starts a diet and says ‘I’m going to be on a diet for the rest of my life’!!
And thats one issue.
People can do radical things for a short period of time.
Then they lose focus.
Or they go back to their regular habits that got them the obesity in the first place.

-> Find a FOODSTYLE that works.
One that you can stick to.
One that you enjoy.

80% of your results are based on the food you eat.

2. No-one’s talking about MINDSET

You need to shift your mindset.
In my talking with patients, many just think it is  not their fault they have the weight on.
There is always a reason or 2 or 3..
From “I’m too busy at work” to ” I have no time” to “I can’t believe all the food I buy is so full of stuff you tell me should ‘t be there”…
“But I really have changed my eating”
“I don’t own a scale”

Then when I ask for a food journal (for those that keep one) and others say “I hate writing everything down”… I see things missing, or things that shouldn’t be on there.

Quit the B.S.
Be responsible.
Write things down.
Only YOU can get your results.

And what works for one person won’’t work the same for another.

Keeping a journal, carefully and detailed, will help you get the results you are looking for.

On my webinar I will teach you more about the vital information that is hiding in your food journal that most people miss.

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In the meantime:
-> Keep a journal.
Write everything down.
Everything that goes in your mouth and HOW MUCH must be written down.

Can you remember what exactly you ate for breakfast yesterday?
And how many glasses of beer you had with your friends?

3. Food cravings are a SYMPTOM

This is huge.
I have patients who crave things.
Sweet. Rich. Salty. Crunchy…

Most often this is a brain chemistry imbalance that you can fix.

-> From your journal, check if this is mindless eating from boredom, is this a habit? The company you keep?
Or is it real cravings that are making you dive into the cookies at 2am or worse, when you are so full but you can’t turn your ‘off’ switch to stop eating.

See you on the webinar…
June 7th, 2016

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