So called Healthy Habits

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It’s interesting the things I hear from people about what they are doing to be ‘healthy’ and ‘lose weight’.


#1.  Gluten Free

My poor Mom tries so hard to keep to my food rules, and she just struggles ;-(

She thinks anything GF is healthy… (cookies, bread, and pancake mix and GF candy) And that they are good for my kids.

– Gluten free substitutes are high in sugars. The common flours used to create these are often potato (a dirty dozen member!!!), rice, corn..

Do you remember that all starches become sugar?

And what happens to sugar in MOST people?



Did you notice the part about GF candy???

I can’t believe marketing and how it can deceive and mislead people.

Innocent people just trying to be healthy.

Shame on them!!!

Candy – hard candy that is – is usually gluten free. Corn syrup, sugar, colouring (all the truly NASTY stuff) is in there.

Twizzlers has gluten but I am not talking about other things. Just hard candy.

Labelling it Gluten Free got my Mom to buy it… FOR MY KIDS… who are NOT allowed candy at all….

See how that works?
Most people think Gluten Free is ‘healthy’ and things that are usually gluten free get the label Gluten free, the price goes UP and then many apple think it is ‘good for you’.

– No it’s not for everyone.
– I request all patients with auto-immune markers to go gluten free because we have seen clinical success in using a GF diet in patients with autoimmune markers, and in patients with active autoimmune disease.

* note that we make other recommendations with this as well.
– There is a diagnosis called ‘non celiac gluten sensitivity’ (NCGS)

After I place patients on an elimination diet, I have them re-introduce gluten and see how they feel.

If their IBS or body pain or headaches or mood swings/ depressive type symptoms, join pain, bloating, poor digestion, skin rashes, irritability, puffiness or fluid retention and other symptoms come back – we know they should be gluten free.

* this is not the only diagnostic criteria for NCGS.
#2. I still meet people who count calories.


Certainly there is a metabolic component.

Your body needs calories which is energy.

And it needs a certain amount or it will slow down metabolism thinking you are starving.
A piece of cake and a portion of sweet potato of equal caloric value is NOT EQUAL to your body.

The insulin spike for each is different.
Also, the lower the calories the worse it is for your long term health and specifically HORMONE HEALTH.
I mean – people still go to weight loss clinics – lets not mention names… but 2 in particular that do NO FAT (ultra low fat) and LOW calorie.

This includes the HCG diet, and the other ones that provide injections.. and protein replacement things..
Weight is a symptom that something is wrong.

Especially if a healthy diet and exercise don’t yield good results.

Mark these words.. more than 97% of the people who are told ‘97% of our patients lose weight on our program’ GAIN IT BACK ..
It’s not sustainable.

It’s not conducive to a lifelong implementation.
I’m hosting a webinar:

“Why you can’t lose weight and keep it off”

June 7, 2016
There are NEW Rules for healthy eating…join me.

Even if you are at your perfect weight… I see people frequently start to gain weight after having an easy time most of their lives.
Or do you  have to work WAYYY harder than your friends to manage your weight..


Come find out.
What if your genetics affected it but no-one could tell you about it?

What if… its not food but other things blocking your metabolism???


#3. Gin and Tonic...or something like that.

Tonic water has sugar.

Alcohol is a sugar.

My point is ‘HIDDEN SUGARS’…

They are everywhere.

Just take a can of something or a box of something … let’s go to my pantry… hmmm… lets see…even a can of crab meat that I bought to make stuffed peppers (I didn’t think to look at the label until now) has added sugar. Eeeew!!!

Even small amounts add up.

Gummies of vitamins from a reputable company have 4g sugar in it… so keep adding… and now you know why sometimes things aren’t making sense.. but the weight sits on your hips and thighs and belly and where ever.
Here’s the webinar link: