3 Steps to Healthy Breasts

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  1. TAKE A BREAK FROM YOUR UNDERWIRE BRA – Wear sports bras and other ‘soft’ fitting garments. Studies show that the underwire and tight fitting brassieres decrease the lymphatic draining of your breasts.
  2. DITCH THE ANTI-PERSPIRANT – Some studies show that the toxic chemicals i these products are detected in breast tissue. Worried about being stinky? Use an all natural product that works!
  3. WATCH THE WINE!! Yes, watch it during sips. And watch it for longer and longer periods!!! ­čÖü Boo-hoo-hoo

And SOB!!!

Studies correlate increased alcohol consumption with increased breast cancer risk.
For women, stick to a glass 3 times a week if you come from a family with increased breast cancer risk.
And not all on the same day, ladies!!

Here’s a really important thing I have brought up before: there is more to genetics than just BRCA 1 and 2.

There are some very common gene ‘mis-codes’ that affect your cancer risk and your doctors and oncologists are not even paying any mind to this.