Drinking More Water This New Year Can Make You Fat

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Part 1 of weird medical truths that will shock you
Bisphenol-A is a type of man made chemical compound known to make FAT.
This is one of the over 85000 man made chemicals polluting your environment today.
And it is called an ENDOCRINE DISRUPTING CHEMICAL meaning it affects your hormone balance.
And hormone balance helps you burn fat. It is VERY important to know that without optimal hormone balance, you cannot burn fat and keep it off.
It takes far more than prescribing a hormone to get you balanced.
Even if you are ‘low’ in something, for example, THYROID hormone; or testosterone, if your body is not well prepared and the hormone not replaced in a balance with other hormones; you will not get the results you are looking for. Results that last.
Through this series of posts, I will lead you through some common mistakes you are making and little changes you can make to help you with FAT BURN.
I notice that this is the most common way people measure their results and ‘see’ that hormones are balanced; over and beyond obvious things like energy and better sleep and more focus; a sharper mind and endurance, younger looking skin –  the other benefits of optimal hormone balance.
A study showed that women who eliminated plastic reduced their body weight by 0.6 pounds and those that did not eliminate gained an average of 3.6 pounds in THREE WEEKS.
Think of all your exposures!!!!
From your water bottles to plastic food storage bowls to saran wrap to the containers of your shampoo and makeup.
Disposable cutlery, plastic bags, even receipts from the stores. Children toys and baby bottles, plastic dinnerware for picnics, camping and children’s use…. the list is endless.
Don’t be fooled by BPA-free.
Bisphenol-A is only one compound.
It could be substituted with BP-S… or any other type. THIS IS WHERE MARKETING CAN TWIST THE TRUTH.
Simply put: if plastic is malleable, it has something in it that you need to avoid.
The reason for the fat storage is that at some point, you reach your ‘tipping point’.
You end up storing foreign chemicals in fat. It’s simple and also very complicated.
If you do nothing else this week: start reducing and eliminating plastic.
  • Do NOT microwave in plastic.
  • Do not store food or water in plastic.
  • Switch to a glass or metal water bottle
  • Carry your own ‘to go’ cup: stainless steel or glass. Avoid disposable beverage cups that have plastic coating and plastic lids – HOT beverages leech chemicals faster than cold.
  • At all costs, reduce your exposure because simply focusing on a detox or eliminating it after the fact is less
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More next week!
Dr. N