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Exercise can slow down your metabolism.
Now I’m not talking about walking your dog or gently paced movement. Even a walk in the park/ hike on the trails on a Sunday afternoon.
I’m talking about spin classes and hot yoga and “working with my trainer doing 130 push ups as part of my hour”.
Why? Because you get substantial nutrient depletions with high intensity exercise.
Every time you move your muscles, breathe, your heart beats… you use up nutrients.
No matter how healthy you eat, you just cannot replete enough nutrients to keep up with the demands of stress, daily life, processing toxins and medications, and high intensity exercise.
You get into a state of nutrient depletions: suboptimal stores for your body processes to function optimally.
Does this mean don’t do it if you love and enjoy it?
Absolutely NOT.
You need to know your nutrient status. At Better, we offer comprehensive and in depth testing of your micronutrient stores and assist you with knowing exactly what you need to take for nutrient supplementation.
In the mean time, every person who exercises needs to take the following at a bare minimum.
Super B 1-2 caps twice a day
Super Mag 2-3 caps twice a day
Vital Nutrients: 3-4 tabs a day in divided doses.
Over-training and over-reaching syndromes occur more commonly than you think. In reality, almost everyone who exercises regularly at a higher pace than gentle walking or barely moving; will notice some of the following:
  • Tendonitis or muscle strains that do not heal within an expected time frame
  • More frequent injuries
  • Injuries that occur without as much ‘trauma’ (it takes less to get injured)
  • Fatigue/ worn out/ burning out feeling
  • Mood issues: irritability, low mood, symptoms of depression without reason
  • Lower immune system function: more frequent colds and flus
  • Loss of enthusiasm for most things you usually enjoy, including your activities.
  • Plateaus: you cannot reach new heights that you deserve for the amount of training you put in
  • Slower recovery from muscle aches
  • Needing extra days between hard workouts to ‘recover’
  • Slower metabolism

This syndrome is easily corrected when we look after the hormonal and nutritional depletions and changes that occur.

The rules of exercise have changed!
You can now get more results with less effort and time And have the same health benefits.
I am not at all suggesting you stop your biking and Hot Yoga or whatever it is you ENJOY.
Not everyone enjoys exercising, and many people go through the motions only for the health benefits.
It’s old news to  ‘eat less and exercise more’ for weight loss. However is still stuck in most people’s subconscious mind and they cannot do anything different from that.
So if you hate the gym, you don’t like going to classes or you rather just get healthier with less effort… all of the above or none of the above:
New Rules:
HIIT: High intensity interval training – get benefits with  90% less exercise with 70% less time
Read the excerpt below.
[study from our laboratory compared two groups of young healthy subjects who trained for six weeks. One group performed up to an hour per day of continuous cycling at a moderate pace, five days per week. The other group trained using 30 sec all out bursts of cycling, repeated 4-6 times with a few minutes of rest in between three times per week. Both groups showed similar improvements cardiorespiratory fitness and various cardiovascular and metabolic indices of health after training, despite the fact that the HIT group performed 90 per cent less total exercise, and the total training time commitment was only a third of the other group. These findings are potentially significant from a public health perspective, given that “lack of time” remains the number one cited barrier to regular physical activity.]

Dr. Martin Gabala, The Globe and Mail

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