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I had such a fabulous day yesterday. So glad to see my patients again and share in their progress. I have a couple ‘funny stories’ that relate to orgasms and an announcement.

Read if you dare 😉

  • -Some patient stories connected to one BIG reason people get sick and old.
  • -ORgasms… ORGasms… and more ORGASMS!!!


I absolutely LOVE what I do. Audrey made my day when she said, “I missed you – just knowing you are away”. How touching – my heart is full.

And everyone asks how I am, how my aunt is. Cheryl said, ‘Tell me about this amazing nephew of yours: I want to know more‘.

It makes me so happy that you all read my newsletters and ‘share my life’ with me; as I do yours. It’s all part of the health journey and feeling better than ever, isn’t it?

We build ‘tribes’ of sisterhood and support.

I feel connected to all of you and love the hugs and stories and support we SHARE.

I had a patient see me yesterday for the first time in person. All our previous visits were completed via telemedicine videoconferencing.

One of the first things I heard about was how much happier she is in her marriage. Her sex drive was missing for years and it caused a lot of stress in her marriage. And lots of tears.

She followed my advice (it was SO simple) and now everything is better than ever.


The ‘one BIG reason’ people get sick and old is LACK OF CONNECTION.

When I teach you my triangle of health, your emotional and spiritual health is so critical.

Have good, strong relationships are vital to healthy aging.


When I was in SA, I noticed  my ‘community’ there is focused on PEOPLE and FAMILY. People go out of their way to make time to see each other and stay in touch.

I don’t think it is quite so here: everyone is always SO busy. And they keep being busy.

I challenge you today to examine your relationships and see which ones you can make more time for. Increase your ‘HAPPY’ factor and live a longer and healthier life.


Some people are shy about this. I had one patient tell me she didn’t want to talk about her ‘sex drive’ because she is old and it doesn’t matter anymore. For the most part, my patients WANT to know more about sex and how to improve their sex drive.

(I think you MUST look after sexual function as you age – the kids are older, you have less responsibility and more time…!!!)

Sadly, many ‘body parts’ get older and function less well as we age: from having babies to low hormone levels (hormone decline affects both women and men in the area of sexual performance).

Stress, poor communication, chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, brain chemistry imbalance and micronutrient deficiencies are a few things affect your sexual function and enjoyment.

I can’t cover all this in one newsletter – but these are things we work on during your programs with us. RESTORATIVE medicine is the term I’m going to use from now on for our services and programs at Better!

Here’s one thing to do to improve your sex drive:

Slow down! Make time.

  • Fall in love again.
  • Really LIKE and love the person you are with. This takes work!
  • Move!!! And move together!!! Go out and be active together. Mindful walking in nature lowers your stress hormones and allows you to get out of ‘fight-flight’ mode and find your ‘MoJo’ again.


PRP in our clinic is not new. What I didn’t know is that all my patients are completely unaware that this is what is used for the ‘O-shot’ and ‘P-shot’.

We use PRP to regenerate vaginal tissue, increase tissue firmness and moisture, and stop ‘leaky pee’.

– all reasons women don’t like to have sex when their hormone levels decline.

G-spot sensitivity is enhanced.

For men with Erectile dysfunction, we can enhance erection capacity using this same technique.

Book your consultation today – private and confidential.

Just ask for ‘the consultation Dr Iyer mentioned in her newsletter’ so you don’t have to say it out loud 😉

We can do it all: restore your hormone balance AND regenerate your ’tissue’ to feel and function like you are YOUNG AGAIN!!