Advice from an 8 year old that got me off my lazy sorry

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This time I fell, and FELL HARD… thank goodness for these words.. which will be good for you too


I have to say that the last 2 weeks have been a blur.


  • My short story which will perhaps bring you a few happy tears. At least a smile.
  • 3 things that are aging you faster than you know
  • 2 dates to clear.


I have not coped well the last 2 weeks being so stressed about my patients, helping them out, doing lots of things including support and encouragement.

I didn’t exercise at all… not even a dog walk.

I was so distracted that I didn’t even take my supplements. I still eat well… because there is nothing in my house that isn’t good to be honest… or else dark chocolate and coconut ice cream wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Hmm… I just lied to you. I ate some sweet potato chips that came in a bag and a some blacken-corn (non GMO of course!!) chips and Manchebo cheese.

(I am allergic to dairy but not to sheep milk… but I found out if you eat almost the whole block then it’s similar to the dairy effect…)

Lol… Yes, I’ve been good for so long with training for that mountain I think I had you fooled I was perfect 😉

Today Kaelan insisted we go for a bike ride.

I just didn’t feel like it. And I only recently learned to ride a bike…

He kept insisting and I thought, ‘How can I disappoint this child?’

I told him I didn’t think I could make it as far as he wanted to go.

(Being off my supplements, my energy and stamina just aren’t what they can be).

He said:

Let’s go.

So I followed. And then came the absolute most miraculous words and music to my mothering ears…




And he rode as fast as he could with me trailing behind.

Once we got up the 2 inclines that I was afraid of, he turned around and said:


Ok… he’s 8.

And I am not making any of this up.

I had tears in my sweaty eyes….

And so I believe in myself.

And I will get back on track with meditation, exercise, supplements and feeding my body the right fuel.

I’m joining Dr. Kar’s 4 week online training (which I forgot to tell you about, so ask me if you are interested).

I know a lot but I want someone else to coach me now, and start from basics as if I know nothing.


3 things aging you faster than you know:

1. Low IGF-1

Say what?

It’s your growth hormone component that I measure about 2 x a year.

It drops when you don’t sleep enough or well, or when you are low in amino acid intake.

What this means:


  • Turn off your screens 1 hour before bed at least.
  • Practise a relaxation routine eg. Breathing exercises, cuddling, journalling, aromatherapy and some tea… whatever you want to do that relaxes you.
  • Get enough sleep FOR YOU. I function on 6-7 hours and feel well, when all my hormones and nutrients are optimal. Currently I am not !!!
  • Ensure your room is ultra-dark.

I do not recommend willy-nilly  Growth Hormone supplementation, as it can be unsafe and even exacerbate a cancer.

This is why I walk you through where is optimal for you.

2. Overdoing healthy things!

I have patients who ferment their own food. that’s great. I served my own home made Kim Chi at our first event that I cooked for.

(By the way I have only two more events like this coming up and then I am done – no more)

But eating kim chi and sauerkraut and drinking Kombucha every day… not good!

Everything in moderation.

Now why would a healthy food not be healthy if you do it daily?

Dr. Shabnam Das Kar our Director of Medical Education teaches you in great depth about your micro biome and what it takes to keep it healthy.

You should join us on the weekly webinars she hosts.

We always recommend you rotate your probiotics.

Meaning change them up.

Take different strains every 3 months.

The fermentation in your home – well – it’s the same trains. So you are overpopulating your micro biome with some and not other strains.

Case in point: I saw a client today who felt BETTER after antibiotics and not worse, which is usually what happens – Dr. Alessio Fassino, from Harvard and a leading gastroenterologist, says that antibiotics is like an atom bomb to your micro biome.

So what happened to her?

She eats her one fermented foods every day for many many months, perhaps years.

Does this make sense?

3. It’s natural so it is safe…


Here’s an almost real situation …

A patient started taking a bio-identical hormone that she had lying around… (we had discontinued it a while ago).

Now she is gaining weight and has some other concerns that are bothersome.

I told her that the DHEA goes down the estrogen pathway and it could explain the weight gain on her hips and thighs (and cellulite too!)

Eyes opened wide…

then I reassured her that this could’t be because compounded DHEA has a very short half life; but my point was DON’T TAKE THINGS BECAUSE THEY ARE NATURAL AND SAFE.

This is a common myth: bio-identical hormones are safe.

They can be just as dangerous as regular hormones and I will share with you why, on Thursday… so if you want to know more – join us!

The same goes for our patients just buying all sorts of supplements because they think it’s going to solve their health symptoms. And some are totally getting sicker from them.

Yes! I take supplements.

But I have tested and measured exactly what my body needs to function like a 25 year old.

Everything in moderation. And best to trust science than a guess.

My friend Shauna, our Functional Nutritionist, says ‘Test don’t guess’…

Colorescience my new most favourite thing. A multi-tasking, good for you and good for your hormones, and good for the earth MUST have products for summer.

Oh.. and how to have flawless skin… without the messy face and fuss.

… learn how to have beautiful skin.

I so appreciate your readership. From all the cards and comments and thoughts you have shared to support me through my stress… I am grateful that you read my ramblings.

YOU make my day and YOU make what I do so worthwhile.

Hope you hang on to Kaelan’s words…


Dr. N