Beware of the ‘New Year’ spell: 5 deadly diet mistakes to avoid

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The New Year is fast approaching. I find myself reflecting on the positives and negatives of the year almost gone by.

The amazing things.

The things I ‘should have’ done.

And the things I’m ‘going to do’.


Health and weight loss are high on most people’s lists. Even mine.

Even though I’ve transformed my health and lifestyle – a bad day for me (cheat day) is the kind of day most people dream of achieving in the name of health.

Eg: a second glass of wine, an extra helping of sweet potato or yam fries… and the rest being perfectly balanced proportions of protein, fat, fibre and carbs. All organic. Meat is free range/ cage free…


So at the door step of New Year’s eve, I urge you to not make rash decisions.

So you’re frustrated with your past efforts.

It feels like nothing worked so why bother.

It’s time for something extreme.




ultra low fat, low calorie ‘health and diet’ programs…

Injections hat promote weight loss

Fat burning pills…


It’s a trap.


HCG does work. In the hands of ‘programs and clinics’ that date promise you rapid results are actually promising you NOT CARING about your long term success. They are counting on you to return over and over again to spend money on the ‘quick fix’!!

What’s even worse are when the claims say ‘no exercise needed’.

They are appealing to your sense of ‘quick and easy’.

But not to the basic requirements for long term results and healthy aging.


Dangers of rapid weight loss (>15lbs. month):

  • Lose muscle
  • Lose fluids/ ‘water weight’ instead of fat.
  • Increase bone loss
  • Lowers metabolism
  • Interferes with hormone production
  • Interferes with brain chemistry
  • Unsustainable in the long term

Addressing the underlying metabolic and hormone imbalances resets your metabolism and gives you healthy, lasting results.


Dr. Natasha Iyer, MD; founder of Better, A Medical Centre for Complete Living is launching a weight loss program designed to get lasting results, erasing old myths that keep people yo-yo dieting and frustrated with short term results and long term pain.


Announcing Better Metabolism: A Metabolic Reset program

Calorie counting is old news: it is possible to eat without counting calories and burn fat effortlessly. The secret lies in the balance of the hormones of fat storage and fat burning.

-> not all calories are created equal.

-> hormones and genetics affect what you should eat and how often (or seldom!) you should eat.

-> the program utilizes new age science helping clients navigate intermittent fasting, ketogenic diets, time restricted eating and understanding how food affects your metabolism and long term results.


Diet Food makes you fat: The very foods you have been raised to believe are healthy, are NOT. From celery to heart healthy margarine, from low fat yogurt to ‘weight loss’ foods… not only are they making you sick, they are sabotaging your metabolism.

-> eating salads (who doesn’t hate that?) can promote fat storage and plateaus. From the herbicides and pesticide levels in common salad ingredients, to food sensitivities: you can retain fat and fluids and keep the weight stuck.


Eat Fat to burn fat: this is where the science is at!

-> nutritional science proves that fat is an essential nutrient. It is CARBS that keep you fat.

-> fat is an essential molecule for brain cells, skin cells and hormone balance. It explains why low fat diets lead to moodiness, dry skin, hair falling out and plateaus.


Mental Madness: Who starts a diet to be on it for life? No-one! And that’s the problem.

From stress which creates a fat storing state, to mental sabotage – a diet is not the answer.

It is a FOODSTYLE (Dr. Iyer’s term) that is essential for lasting results.

Your food style is what works for you. It doesn’t feel restrictive. It feels satisfying and good.

It is a style for LIFE – the rest of your life.

We help you create habits that last.

Group coaching and 1-1 medical visits help you find your FOODSTYLE that keeps you slim for the rest of your life.


Exercise: can block your results.

-> You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. 80% of results come from nutrition choices. Fuelling your metabolism. Not feeding your fat.

-> Strenuous exercise in the face of nutrient depletions and hormone imbalance can keep stubborn fat stuck.


“It’s been a year and I’m still a size 2. I started at a size 14. I feel amazing!”

Kathi E. Age 68


“I’m down 20 pounds and holding the results for almost a year. It’s great.

Audrey R, Age 67


“This program works well! I found it easy to follow and motivated by the results”

Bill A, Age 58


Dr. Natasha Iyer, MD is an expert in Nutritional and Metabolic Medicine. She makes it possible for people to never struggle with weight again.

She has been featured in media across Canada, and has clients across Canada and abroad.

Having worked with traditional methods of dieting throughout her career, and with a well known ‘health and diet clinic’ she has seen how easy it is for many thousands of clients to ‘lose weight’ and how tremendously difficult it is to keep it off.

For the last 10 years she has been working with patients to find the key reasons people struggle with metabolism.


Weight loss has to be about more than just diet and exercise alone.

More than 50% of Canadians are overweight; and over 90 million people in North America will go on a weight loss program this New Year.

Statistics show that only 1% of them will keep the results after 1 year.

It is time to understand the key scientific concepts that CAUSE fat storage


The top 3 things you need to know about weight loss before you start a diet:

  1. Hormones regulate your metabolism.
  2. A diet that will give you permanent results is based on your metabolic hormones.
  3. Brain chemistry and your GUT affects your appetite.


This program helps clients with the support and education and the hormonal balance needed to keep the weight off for good.


Call 403 237 2353 to book your qualifying interview with Dr. Iyer and assess if this program is right for you.