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I’m in South Africa on a sudden trip. To all of you who graciously accepted being rebooked – thank you.

To those of you who expressed your disappointment/ unhappiness – I so appreciate your trust and love. (Sincerely!!) Please feel comfortable with my associates looking after you – I trust my and my family’s health to them – you are certainly in good hands.

I’m here seeing my Aunt. This is what BRAVE looks like.

To wake up every day, and get around, keep house,  and fuss over those she loves. She cooks and cleans with cancer metastases in her spine and bones, being in constant severe pain.

She steps out exactly how you see her. Proud of her remaining breast since losing the other one 20 years ago.

Her hair fell off after the first chemo on Father’s day. She shaved her head and steps out proudly. I see the ‘stares’. And it makes me prouder to be with her.

I wondered if I could be this brave – to face each day in pure gratitude and wear my ‘scars’ with dignity and valiance.

Would I reach for something to hide my naked head?

Would I stuff up the other side of my bra?

Would I be able to smile and carry on like this? Or would I (probably would) stay in bed and worry about ‘what if, and how long’?

To this point I want to write to you about preventing cancer.

All the newsletters I have been writing: about toxins and exposures and avoiding sugar and living more healthy, have to do with this.

It is your lifestyle that will get you to prevent cancer.

What you do today is going to help you not become a statistic.

I hope I inspire you to think about things a bit differently and build new habits into your life that will help you live more powerfully.

For today:

  • Change your toothpaste. Go natural. Go Fluoride free.
  • Use all natural skin and body care.
  • Your mind has power. How you think, what you believe, and how you perceive things all matter to your final outcome. A positive outlook and forgiveness are 2 things I believe are essential.
  • I just got my tooth filled at the dentist and realized how toxic those solvents are.

My point is that you can’t escape every single exposure.

For this exposure you need to escalate your elimination of anything that is absorbed into your body.

For enhancing elimination of toxic chemicals – try Metabolic Optimizer that comes with a handbook/ guide that I have just updated.

For a fabulous anti-aging skin serum that works – try Youth Tx No 1.

Remember that the Metabolic Optimizer and the Youth Tx No 3 are essentially the same.

“Every journey begins with a single step”

Maya Angelou

From my heart to yours,

Dr. N