Youth TX No 1

Youth TX No 1


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 Let’s face it – looking older is not pretty.
From dull and saggy skin to fine lines and wrinkles… it often hurts to look in the mirror.
Have you tried all sorts of creams and potions promising you miracles?
Here’s my solution.
I’m so sure you will love it, I guarantee you results or your money back.
You see, your skin ages mostly because of what is happening on your insides.
From ‘Leaky Gut’ to stress and toxins, to lack of sleep and nutritional deficiencies.
When you use my system for ‘Inner Health’ you will get ‘Outer Beauty’ too.
Your entire body improves, from more radiant skin to extra energy, some fat burning, better mood and sleep.
Your hair will grow stronger and healthier, and your nails will be firm and beautiful.
Just today, I had a gentleman comment that my hands do not look older than my face, which is common for women who are older…
He was impressed at the strength of my nails and that I don’t do manicures.
To be honest, I clean my home with Vinegar and baking soda and I rarely wear gloves – yet my nails and hand skin remain looking youthful. (And this
is in addition to washing my hands between each patient!)
The skin serum, Youth Tx No 1 is formulated to bring you potent, clinically proven ingredients that feed your skin.
DMAE is proven in scientific studies to:
  • Improvement in skin texture and appearance within 28 days.
  • Visibly reduce fine lines and firmer skin.
  • This is a product that fits with my approach of healthy living.
Most skin care products are filled with chemicals and toxins that impact your metabolism and health.
Things like Parabens and SLS have been linked to significant health concerns.
Endocrine disrupting chemicals are all around you: they upset your hormone balance and get stored in your body fat.
Because a high body burden of toxins gives you trouble losing weight, low energy and even cancer risks; and because women use many products daily in the quest for beauty AND ALSO BECAUSE most natural products just aren’t potent …
Here is Youth Tx.
Youth Tx has no harmful chemicals and preservatives.
Youth Tx is safe enough to use around and on your eyelids, and around your mouth.
Main ingredient:
– in clinical trials, a high concentration was shown to be safe and effective in diminishing forehead lines, crow’s  feet and improved the lip shape and fullness.
It improved the visible appearance of aged skin and the results did not regress after 2 weeks of cessation of use.
Beneficial trends were noted in:
– appearance of coarse wrinkles
– under eye dark circles
– nasolabial folds
– sagging neck skin
– neck firmness
In the studies, DMAE is well tolerated.
The skin firming effects were confirmed by measuring the tensile strength of skin,
examination of cells showed it has anti-inflammatory effects too.
Other active ingredients:
Palmitoyl-tetra peptide-7
– clinically proven to increase the synthesis of the skin matrix.
What this means to you is that studies show it
– increases Collagen Type 1 by 258%
– hyaluronic acid by 179%
Vit A and Vit C and Vit E derivatives:
These are anti-oxidants.
Antioxidants combat free radicals.
Free radicals damage cells and make your skin look older.
After washing and cleansing:
Apply 1-2 pumps to face, lips, neck and décolleté skin.
Gently tap the outer parts of your upper and lower eyelids with fingertips containing remaining product.
Stay away from the eyelash line.
Apply your day or night cream as your next step.


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