Why you should switch to Green Tea instead of coffee

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Green tea contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). This active ingredient has wonderful health benefits and make Green Tea a MUST have on your list of healthy foods and beverages.

EGCG has been clinically shown to reduce your risk for heart disease.

It has a positive benefit on your blood cholesterol level after meals.

This means that drinking 2 cups of green tea with your meal gives you a double whammy of positive health benefits:

  • reducing your cholesterol level after the meal
  • adding alkalizing benefit as well

Green tea has been shown in studies to decrease atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

  • by decreasing the absorption of cholesterol from your digestive system
  • -enhances the LDL (bad) cholesterol receptor in your liver
  • impacts the fatty acid formation
  • decreases LDL oxidation (which leads to hardening of your arteries).

Green tea also increases energy expenditure, and hence its use in ‘fat burning’ products.

A human study showed that 7 cups of green tea a day affected serum LDL levels. (decreased).

Another study showed that green tea had antioxidant benefits at 2 cups a day, including decreasing oxidative damage to lymphocytes.

Current science supports consuming 60 ounces of green tea a day (I recommend that 44 ounces comprise naturally decaffeinated green tea).

If you are taking a supplement: take supplements from a reputable company that produces pharmaceutical grade products.

Ensure that there are no fillers or additives. Note that very few companies produce consistent therapeutic amounts of active ingredient in every batch.

Your supplement should contain 500mg standardized EGCG.

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