What can you do instead of Botox?

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Consider how your face ages:

Your skin gets thinner. Thin skin wrinkles/ creases more easily.

Muscles get stronger as you move your facial muscles with each expression… and the thin skin wrinkles more!
PRP and Forever Young BBL will be very important in your ‘looking younger’ or ‘stop aging’ plan if you want to avoid Botox.

Platelet Rich Plasma:

  • Increases your skin thickness.
  • Visibly reduces fine lines around your eyes (Crow’s Feet) and other lines on your face

Eg. ‘Smoker’s lines’ (upper and lower lip), Frown lines (between the eyebrows) and forehead lines (across the forehead).

Notice the improvements above in the cheeks and around the eyes, including upper eyelid.
Forever Young BBL stimulates your youth genes – this helps you regenerate younger, healthier looking skin.
Young skin, as you may notice on 20+ year olds – does not wrinkle the same way that older, thinner skin does.
A combination of treatments always yields better results.
Use PRP to soften the appearance of lines and make them less ‘deep’; with Forever Young BBL to add back the youth and decrease your skin’s ability to wrinkle.