Skin aging: more than meets the eye

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This is a picture of a runner who eats very healthy, wears sunblock and takes care of herself.

To the naked eye, her skin looks quite healthy with a bit of redness on the cheeks.

Looking at the Visia skin analysis, we see the depth of sun damage and aging.

Notice her neck.

All of the brown spots signify aging.

Notice the extent of brown on her neck.

What this means to you:

There is more to aging than meets the eye.

*Oxidative Stress

  • When free radical levels exceed your anti-oxidant status, you age.
  • In the skin this shows as brown spots/ sun spots.
  • Lipofuscin is the molecule deposited where the brown spots are seen. With continued exposure and aging, these spots will rise to the surface, making the skin blotchy and uneven.

It takes far more than just an anti-oxidant beverage to help rectify this.

Assessing the cellular pathways involved with DNA breakdown, the micronutrient levels and deficiencies and catabolic balance (hormones of tears own versus the hormones of buildup)will be important to help this patient stop the inner process.

This is the Live Younger difference. The unique approach to looking younger and staying there. Looking after your inside health and youth to keep you feeling AND looking younger.

On the outside, we will have her apply sunblock every 2-4 hours when outdoors and exercising.

The existing sun damage will be removed with Forever Young BBL, and her genes of aging will be turned off, while her skin genetics of youth will be turned on.

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