Brain Fitness – 3 Things that HURT your brain

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  1.  Sleep ( Lack of sleep/ sleep deprivation) too many people sacrifice sleep because they have too may things to do. This is the only time your brain has to rest, repair and detoxify. Lack of sleep has further ramifications, including lowering immune system function and increasing your rate of aging.

*How much sleep is best? Whatever is best for you to feel refreshed and rested when you wake up. If you have non-refreshing sleep, please see a doctor. (If your tests are all ‘normal’ then book a Functional Medicine evaluation at Better, since sleep is one of the key areas we help patients in)

*Do not use devices and screen time 2 hours before bed.

*Keep your room completely dark.

2. Stress: Chronic stress causes your brain to shrink. CHRONIC STRESS CAUSES YOUR BRAIN TO SHRINK. Yes, I wrote it twice. More than your entire brain getting smaller, you are also destroying memory cells in an area called the hippocampus.
Even your skin ages faster when you are under stress. Collagen is torn down by high cortisol and you get increased skin sagging.

* Meditation has been clinically shown to lower your body’s response to stress.
*MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) is another strategy to fortify your brain and body against the impact of stress.
Your brain increases in size. Your tear down state from high cortisol is lessened. You cope with stress better and remain more calm.

High intensity and prolonged exercise can create a stress response that is prolonged, in your body. The same occurs with pain.

3.Alcohol and sugar: Alcohol is something no one who enjoys it wants to give up I say that while I sip on a lovely French red and write to you.
The rules around alcohol are: no more than 3 x 5 ounce glasses of wine a week (one a day on different days!!!) for women, and 5 a week for men (or the equivalent serving of hard liquor). More than this removes the heart health benefits and increases cancer risk even when other factors are accounted for like eating healthy, exercising regularly, not being overweight.
Alcohol disrupts sleep architecture, and many people will discover once they pay attention to it: they sleep less well or have broken sleep after a few glasses of wine or alcoholic beverages in the evening.

All sugars affect brain health. Note that Alzheimer’s disease is also referred to as Type 3 Diabetes.

One question I am often asked is:
Does self care replace meditation or MBSR?

The answer is no.

Self care is necessary to lower stress. Meditation and MBSR STOP stress from damaging your health by lessening the response of stress. They are both necessary.

Self care can include exercise, spending time on hobbies, hanging out with friends.
It also includes spa breaks!

At Live Younger, we help you navigate this process and see what will have the most impact. We offer meditation training and life coaching to help change how your body and mind respond to stress. We know that you cannot get rid of everything that stresses you. Life will always happen.
For pain, we offer chiropractic and acupuncture. Both help reduce and treat pain so you can live your life on your terms.
Hormone imbalances affect sleep and sleep quality. A body burden of toxins, including persistent organic pollutants, phthalates, and other endocrine disrupting chemicals can affect your brain, your sleep and your energy levels. Through our integrative approach to hormone balancing we address all the different aspects that affect not only your brain and sleep, but your cellular functions and overall wellness.
Our Functional Nutrition Coach specializes in nutrition and sugar detoxing/ food addictions. No matter which area, or all areas that are preventing you from having a healthy and agile brain as you get older, we have a solution for you.

Contact Us today to book an appointment.