Missing something sweet on LCHF?

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It is often the reason people stray off a Keto diet: dessert or alcohol.
Both are a huge source of carbs and add to belly fat storage.
What can you do?
80-90% dark chocolate is satisfying. Have a square or 2 to feel satisfied.
Be creative!!
Swerve is a blend of Xylitol and Stevia that adds a sweetness like sugar, without the bitter aftertaste of pure stevia; and without the dangers of artificial sweeteners (which also stimulate insulin).
Use it with crushed nuts/ nut paste or nut butters  to create desserts common to vegan diets. Eg. Cashew nut ice cream, or vegan cheesecake.
Avoid agave syrup, coconut sugar, palm sugar, and honey as they are Paleo, but not low carb.
Stick to monk fruit, stevia and Swerve as sweetening agents.
Use avocados or coconut milk combined with unsweetened raw chocolate or cacao to create a chocolate mousse. Sweeten to taste with Swerve.
Below is a combination of egg, coconut and almond flour, crushed pistachios, coconut oil and coconut milk to create a low carb cake; topped with grilled pineapple and pineapple curd.
Fruit, on occasion, is perfectly ok when accompanied with lots of fibre and fat.
Paleo baking recipes with the omission of the high sugar sweeteners (honey, etc) are delightful and make you not feel deprived.
coconut keto dessert recipe