Low Fat Makes You Fat.

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Have you been trained to eat ‘low fat’ or fat free EVERYTHING so you can stay trim?

Oh, such a brain washed society we live in!

Even the Heart and Stroke foundation stamps its approval on all kinds of foods that are ‘good for you’.

Cardiac patients are told to eat NO fat.

Cheerio’s is supposed to be good for you.

Enough of all the BS.

Did you know that SUGAR gets stored as fat in your body?

And when Fat is removed from food, it is replaced with sugar. So guess why those ‘last 10 pounds’ won’t go away or the scale stays stuck no matter how ‘low fat’ you eat.

More importantly, fat is an essential nutrient required for being alive.

*Fat soluble vitamins like VITAMIN D and A require fat to be absorbed.

*Cholesterol, the ‘BAD Bad bad guy’ is actually a molecule that is present in every cell. How can you regenerate healthy cells o a low fat or no fat intake?

*Your life sustaining hormone called CORTISOL, and all your sex steroid hormones like Estrogen and testosterone, have the molecule CHOLESTEROL as the basic building block. Without cholesterol, you cannot create all these vital hormones that keep you alive (modulate energy and immune system and stress coping) and feel good (mental agility, brain function, bone strength, repair and regeneration of tissue).

Dr. Ron Krauss is a leader in the field of studying heart disease risk. In 2006 he revealed in a prominent medical journal that eating saturated fat did NOT raise the risk for heart disease.

Yes, eating fat did not make you get heart disease. In a recent interview he clarified that he did not look for other issues associated with eating fat and high quantities of red meat.

Suffice to say that studying the blood levels of people eating fat, RISK FOR HEART DISEASE IS CORRELATED TO WHAT YOU EAT THE FAT WITH.

So a LOW carb, higher fat and higher protein diet did not make cholesterol levels in the blood unsafe.

So let’s understand cholesterol:

LDL (the so called BAD cholesterol) is carried on particles of protein called Apolipoprotein B (a standard test we do in our health programs at our clinic).

LDL can be small particle or big particles.

It is the small, dense LDL particles that are associated with heart disease risk.

Big fluffy LDL in the presence of a HIGH total cholesterol is still not unsafe.

So in a nutshell, I advocate for the Paleo lifestyle:

Meat, vegetables, some nuts and seeds, occasional fruit. Sounds bland but SO good for you. It is ALL meats, even frogs and spiders if you like 🙂

And everything Cave Man had available to him. Yes, you can cook it. Yes you can use the oils and milks extracted from those ingredients. Just no grain and no dairy.

You can still have dessert, still have great looking and fantastic tasting food – it’s all about being creative….

More about Paleo coming up.

To your BETTER health,

Dr. Natasha Iyer MD