IF, Keto, and TRE: what are these and what is best for you?

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The Keto diet works well for fat burning. However, there is no room for alcohol on a Keto Diet. It takes planning and it is very difficult for most people to follow.
It takes 3-7 days for most people to get into ketosis. If you increase your carb intake, with wine or cocktail or other alcoholic beverage, or even a small piece of cake at a party… whatever it is; it can knock you out of ketosis. And so you have to start again, getting back into ketosis.

Intermittent fasting and fasting, are a better choice for long term weight management for most people since there is more flexibility.

What is the difference between TRE (Time restricted eating) and Intermittent fasting (IF)?
Not much!!
The TRE studies were predominantly unrestricted calories consumed within a specific period of time. For example, eat between noon and 8 pm whatever you want and however much you want.
It was found that people still lost weight and kept it off after a year when they did this.

For IF, we talk about 16:8 or other combinations of fasting (not eating for the longer period) and eating within a shorter period of time.
On our programs Metabolic Reset and Better Metabolism, we use this IF to get our clients prepared for longer fasting periods, or for ketosis (if it works for them and their lifestyle).

IF and fasting help lower insulin resistance, the most common reason for belly fat and the struggle with losing weight regardless of dieting and exercising.
This strategy helps improve your ‘metabolic flexibility’ allowing you to not have to be on a strict and rigid ‘diet’ and not live your life with everything that comes up. Let’s face it: diets are restrictive. And stifling. Social events, get-togethers, celebrations all happen, and no one wants to feel left out because they’re on a ‘diet’.

Start slow, with a 12-12; slowly increase to 14-10 and then 16-8.
Do this 3-4 times a week. So your social life can happen, and you can do this on other days in between.

Drink adequate fluids
Manage your electrolytes by consuming enough salt (non processed, natural salt filled with minerals Eg Pink salt).

During your fasting time frame, you may consume water, black coffee or tea, herbal teas, clear bone broth. These are called fasting fluids.

Keep a journal. Track your intake.
Do not eat (or drink anything with calories or that stimulate insulin, like Calorie free flavoured waters, tea with milk, alcohol if any kind) within 3 hours of bedtime.

You’ll be in better shape before summer.