Going Gluten Free

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There are many books and articles written about why to avoid gluten.
I will not go into that science here.
I know people who eat gluten and have no adverse effects. And I know many more that find wonderful health improvements by going gluten free.

I recommend a Gluten Free (GF) trial for clients with
– stubborn fat
– heart burn
– joint pain
– inflammation
– high toxic burden/ part of detox program
– part of an elimination diet
AutoImmune disease is 100% GF and not a trial but for the entire AI protocol.

Except for autoimmune disease, try it for 3 weeks, and see what happens.
I mean 100% gluten free and not ‘mostly’ or ‘80%’ …. That would be like saying “Kind of pregnant”.
You are or you aren’t. There isn’t a ‘kind of’.

Many people tell me they tried GF and it doesn’t work.
Either they are still ‘partially pregnant’  😉 or they need to eliminate
dairy at the same time.

We are a gluten free family and have been for 10 years. We are almost always grain free; and manage to travel, dine out, have parties, attend get togethers…
All strategies we use I will provide for you on the upcoming membership site.

Going Gluten Free:
– Examine your mindset!!! This is the biggest obstacle because it is NOT that difficult. Are you more attached to being stuck with your weight or your heartburn than trying new ways to feed your body?
– Read all labels: it hides everywhere. Soups, sauces, dressings
– Gluten Free substitutes are terribly high in carbs, and sugars and can lead to weight gain.
(Hence the findings of a recent study that shows GF diet increases diabetes incidence).
Try to simply find new recipes and foods instead of substituting.

Now many people can’t do Paleo. I mean, they WON’T do Paleo which is grain free.
I used to cheat on Paleo and eat Gluten Free bread at a restaurant.
Or rice crackers with cheese and wine. And I didn’t realize that it was causing me symptoms that I didn’t connect the dots for.
Nor the extra 2 clothing sizes I wondered where it came from… afterall ‘nothing changed’. However I used to be 100% grain free (and a clothing size I was very happy with), then things started slipping in.
Because gluten causes me severe migraines, and adding back grain here and there didn’t give me obvious, relatable symptoms; I didn’t clue in.

I discovered it just doesn’t work for me to add any grain products back into my diet. Period.
ANY grain flares up my knee pain, which at one point was so bad I thought I need to do PRP injections and an MRI.
And going grain free from November has my patients noticing that I am getting leaner.
I’m down 6 pounds even though I am still not exercising post surgery. And 1.5 clothing sizes down, this is easy since I am still drinking wine… (NOT Paleo… but… let’s pretend it is!)
So I store fat more easily (because of my insulin resistance) even with small portions of grain.
I am simply carb intolerant.

This recipe is for those of you who are not of the mindset to go GRAIN FREE, but are committed to staying Gluten Free.

It’s still got carbs so just eat 1pancake… if you can 😉
Gluten free flours are HIGH carb… but at least when you make it at home and not from a box you are avoiding even MORE carbs and additives found in boxed mixtures or pre-made gluten free baked goods.
So it’s a better choice than the worse choices out there… and sometimes, THAT is all you can do based on lifestyle, stress, schedules, or where you are at in your journey.

My son calls it ‘Legendary’ pancakes. I came up with this recipe because they wanted ‘a treat’ and I didn’t have any almond or coconut flour in the house.
gluten free pancakes
Kiran’s Legendary Pancakes:
1 ripe banana, mashed well.
2 eggs
1 tbsp vanilla essence
1 cup almond milk (or goat milk)
2 tbsp avocado oil/ coconut oil/ vegetable oil
1 cup GF flour (Costco carries this)
1 tbsp Baking Powder
Pinch of salt
* 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon- optional
* substitute half a cup of flour for half a cup of protein powder/ increase baking powder by 1 tsp for a lower carb option.

Mix first 5 ingredients well.
Add in the dry ingredients.
Mix well.

Makes 6 pancakes.
Use coconut oil on your frying pan.