Eat Your Veggies, or Should You?

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People have mixed reactions to ‘eat more veggies’.

If you’re a chronic dieter, like I used to be, then salads and veggies trigger bad memories of “rabbit food” and feeling deprived. Getting hungry and feeling starved after gulping down a big salad because it’s good for you.

PS. Don’t think of potatoes as a vegetable!! 

Eating rainbow colored vegetables ARE good for you. 

You get a variety or vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

There’s a downside though: as you focus on eating your 6-8 cups (say what??? Yes! That’s the recommendation for optimal health); you leave less room for the most important macronutrient:


Protein builds muscle. Bone. Collagen. Brain chemistry. Hormones.
Protein is so important for your healthy aging and longevity.
Most people do not get enough protein. Even those that focus on it.
Almost no one in my patient load eats enough protein, especially those that exercise.

If you read about protein requirements, it is 0.8g/kg RDA. (Recommended daily allowance).
What you need to know is RDA is the minimum amount needed to prevent disease.
It is absolutely not what you need for optimal health and human performance.

Michal Ofer, our nutrition expert, calculated my needs and I was blown away. I was consuming half of what I needed to build and maintain muscle and bone.
Once I started eating more protein, my body fat percentage decreased nicely.

My advice for my Functional/ Longevity Medicine patients when we start working together is focus on protein first.
Animal protein is best. It is the most easily bioavailable (your body recognizes it and can use it most easily).

Animal protein comes with fat, and this helps you feel full longer. This sounds contrary to your regular nutrition advice which is to avoid animal fat.

I eat red meat with fat, 3-4 times a week: I eat chicken with skin on, bacon and eggs, and I add butter or bacon fat when I cook. My cholesterol levels are pristine and my LDL cholesterol  is not high.I assure you that what you were taught is old news!! 

Eat your protein first.
Then fill up with beautiful rainbow coloured veggies.

What about my rice or pasta or bread or potatoes?
Almost everyone trying to lose weight has insulin resistance. It’s best to eat low carb.

Worried about getting hungry if you don’t eat your starch? (Or that your brain is addicted and you think you can’t do without?)
Add good fats to your veggies.
Olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds, avocado oil are wonderful healthy fats to sauté your veggies in; or add avocado as a side.

So here’s Michal’s  simple rule:
Protein, Fat, Fibre.

I completely agree!

Book your consultation with Michal to discuss your personalized requirements so weight management and longevity become easy goals to achieve.
Dr. Natasha Iyer