Does the Sun age your skin? And can you reverse Skin aging?

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Your skin was exposed to the sun long before you were old enough to apply sunblock, let alone KNOW that you need to protect your skin from the sun.

Sun exposure had begun to aciculate since childhood, as are the effects of sun exposure cumulative.

Before we go on, try this:

Place your left palm behind your head and onto your right shoulder blade on your back, next to your spine.

(your inner, upper arm skin should now be next to your cheek).

Look in the mirror and what do you see?

Yes, the skin is soft, smooth, dewy, hydrates, the colour is just how your face used to be when you were 8 years old.

Of course, this is not going to hold true if you tan your whole body regularly.

Yes, the sun does age you.

All the different types of rays and radiation around you impact your skin aging.And today, with other types of radiation and frequencies, we are discovering that you are aging indoors as well.

What are the visible signs of aging?

Your skin starts to get light brown spots and blemishes where you received the most sun exposure over the years.

And tiny red veins around your nose. And your cheeks.

Your skin starts to look thinner and less hydrated.

It also starts to change colour, most often a shade of bronze or brown.

As this occurs, it wrinkles more easily.

And it loses elasticity and lustre.

Is it too late???

Absolutely not!

In the past, IPL was the most common treatment to remove reds and browns. And the heat does gently stimulate your skin to slowly support collagen.

Today, we have Forever Young BBL. In the Stanford Study, it was discovered that cellular gene expression was restored towards that of younger skin cells.

This is why people looked far younger 10 years alter than when they began treatments.

This is a game changer in the quest to look younger naturally.

It is a non invasive treatment with no down time.

The recommendations are based on your skin condition, however 3-4 treatments in your first 12 months should reveal your younger looking, blemish free skin.

Maintenance depends on your sun habits and other inner factors that affect aging.

This is where I recommend combination therapies, inside and out.

Forever Young BBL looks after the outside of you.

My next blog will cover how to look younger from the inside.

To your younger looking skin,

Dr. Natasha Iyer MD.