Botox for Older Women

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What you need to know!

She wanted her angry look to be gone. She needs to feel better after she had some health conditions that made her look older and faster.

‘I want my number 11’s to go away because I always look angry’ was the request at our initial consultation.

Overall, we have a more refreshed look when we compare before and after pictures. However, it looks like the ‘number 11’s’ are still there 😔

Botox relaxes muscles. It is the muscle tension and strength that wrinkle the skin above.

In this case, we have completely relaxed the muscle, as you can see by no movement remaining between the eyebrows.

The wrinkles are less visible, but still there.

This is because she has excess skin and weak collagen.

  • skin laxity cannot be treated by Botox. Notice how loose the skin is on her forehead.

This laxity is creating more folding along the line of the existing crease.

  • permanent creasing of the skin cannot be treated with Botox.

This requires skin treatments and laser rejuvenation to erase the creases that remain in the skin.

Notice that when the skin is pulled apart, the lines remain. Even if she had no excess skin laxity, and the Botox resolved the furrows, the lines would still be visible.

Choose your Botox injector who can offer you solutions that work synergistically with Botox to give you a smooth forehead.

I recommend collagen-strengthening treatments using radio frequency or laser to reduce skin laxity. Treatments are chosen based on your budget and time frame.

I also recommend resurfacing techniques using an Erbium laser to remove the etched-in lines in your skin. PRP and micro-needling are other options, depending on skin type, budget, and other skin issues you may have.

The approach to looking younger takes a multifaceted treatment plan.

For this client, we will dive into what is causing her early and rapid collagen breakdown because her laxity is worse than it should be for her age.

  • Stress
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Nutritional needs (and digestive health)
  • Poor sleep
  • Over-exercising
  • Digestive disturbances like leaky gut and IBS.
  • High toxic burden and oxidative stress
  • Sudden or severe illness

These are some things that accelerate collagen breakdown and aging. When you’re seeing aging occur faster on the outside, it is occurring on the inside too.

This is why we must look at everything together to get you long-lasting, natural-looking results.

To feel and look younger.