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How would you like to have a movie star glow in 10 seconds?

An article in the Winnipeg Free Press is speaking about turning 40, and our looks ‘going south’ and how to deal with that. It gave an interesting perspective.

At Live Younger we believe that aging is optional… what about you?

Here is the link to the article. I will share a few hints of my own with you about skin care.

My aim is to get you to question and research everything – even what you read in the news, because remember, it is written by someone with a certain perspective and angle.

There is much more to looking younger than simply trying to camouflage with some makeup. YOU CAN VISIBLY MAKE YOUR SKIN CELLS YOUNGER BY FEEDING YOUR CELLS CERTAIN VITAL NUTRIENTS.

You can also enhance your skin cells by applying certain key ingredients to your skin in a safe cream.


Here is the article from the Winnipeg Free Press

I will keep you posted with commentary on the latest health news in the media; and offer you my own medical and scientific opinion. It is my opinion, and you can formulate your own with your own research, once you have more than one side of a story.

There is some good advice in this article: however – you CAN determine the rate at which you continue to age; and you CAN slow the look of aging.
Makeup and skin care products can only do so much… your cells are still dry, damaged and ugly.

Are you stuck with trying to cover up and camouflage?
You can reduce the appearance of red spots, age spots, blemishes, freckles, early wrinkles and dull leathery looking skin. You can gently  improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Email client services for your report on how to slow the appearance of aging.
(‘Secrets to slow the appearance of aging” in subject line)AGING STARTS EARLY.

Most aging starts with unprotected sun exposure before age 18… if you were a sun bunny – you have work to catch up on!
To GET RID OF SUN DAMAGE and reverse the signs of aging of your skin, consider photorejuvenation. You will be amazed at your beautiful, healthy skin.

Get rid of the surface damage you have and then use makeup that helps you with the aging process. Use a potent skin care line and you will look years younger than you are.

Photorejuvenation with BBL is scientifically proven to help restore your skin’s health and remove sun damage, reduce the appearance of premature aging, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles with gentle collagen stimulation.

THERMAGE is an incredible age defying treatment that will visibly make your skin younger, firmer and tighter. At Live Younger, we specialise in helping slow down aging of your skin from the inside and out. See results immediately and over the next 6 months – you can get visibly younger with Thermage atLive Younger.

Til next time,

Dr. Natasha Iyer