‘Anti-aging Treatment NAD Helps Restore Aging Muscle

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Your mitochondria are the powerhouses in each cell that make energy.

Mitochondrial aging drives aging.

The weakness and tiredness the elderly experience occur with mitochondrial aging and decreased efficiency.

Even reduced mental agility, foggy thinking and deteriorating memory can be due to aging mitochondria.

Recent scientific papers report that boosting NAD levels in the muscles of elderly mice restored their muscles to a more youthful state.

Though we’ve known about the special place nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) holds in our metabolic machinery for decades, it’s place as a trigger for healing a variety of maladies has only recently come to light. NAD is found in virtually every cell in the body allowing them to maintain their activity, and in keeping your body strong and vital.

NAD’s primary impact comes from its place in the metabolic cycle of cells in creating energy from the foods we eat. NAD increases cellular levels of ATP, the energy currency of our bodies. It contributes to

  • increased metabolism,
  • improved cellular regeneration and detoxification,
  • clearer thinking and recall

In some cases, reduced pain is reported.

You can think of it like the spark plugs of an engine. The gas is the food we eat and the NAD is the “spark” your body uses to extract the energy from carbohydrates, fats and amino acids. Receiving NAD intravenously ensures your body is running as efficiently as possible.

When teamed up with strong digestion, a cleaner diet, appropriate activity, removal of toxins and restorative sleep you can function and feel younger.

NAD is administered by IV infusion.

It is a cutting edge functional medicine therapy for anti-aging.

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