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Plastic surgeons don’t like this skin tightening treatment! It is going to slash their business SO MANY SAY IT DOESN’T WORK.

But, they can’t deny the facts:


In most cases this treatment can not only postpone, it can even eliminate the need for Botox® or cosmetic surgery for many individuals whose only complaint is the appearance of crinkly cheek lines, early wrinkles, sagging skin at the jaw, turkey neck skin, and under-eye wrinkles & puffiness that add years to your face.

Thermage™ is a simple office procedure with zero downtime.

The procedure can be quite comfortable, although not everyone has the same tolerance. We are pleased to promise you a comfortable experience with our doctor having years of ER experience and pain management. We want you to have only pleasant memories of a treatment that gives you the best results.

The depth of the radio frequency waves needed to heat and stimulate your Collagen is beyond your epidermis. This is what makes Thermage™ so effective compared to other sin tightening technology.

Thermage™ has the most scientific studies and clinical trials of all medical devices that are used for Tissue Tightening.
Weakening collagen contracts (tightens) and new collagen is stimulated. Extensive studies looking at human skin (the studies were done applying Thermage™ to abdominal skin of women about to have a tummy tuck) and instant re-organizing of Collagen was seen under microscopic examination.

Collagen fibres were returned back to a youthful, healthier pattern and increased recruitment for cells that aid wound healing were noted within the 48 hours post procedure.

You may have noticed that your skin, after a mild burn or superficial wound, heals to a softer and younger looking skin type. Note that are not talking about scars from deep wounds. For further clarification: Thermage causes NO burn, scarring or downtime when performed by highly trained skin technologists and supervised by an experienced medical director.

At Live Younger, we continue providing Thermage™ as our choice for tissue tightening because we get reliable, above average results AND can treat eyelids.

Why treat your face and leave your eyelids looking older than the rest of you? No other competing technology can treat your eyelids.

Studies show that people see themselves as looking older based on the appearance of their eyes.

Your eyes age first. The tissue is thinner, there is no subcutaneous fat and supporting structures. It is also an area you forget to apply sunscreen to/ can’t apply because of the location.

Thermage™ Treats

Thermage half done


Eyes By Thermage™ at Live Younger – 1 Treatment Only

eye before
Thermage lid brow lift

Left Brow and Left Eyelid Raised


Thermage tummy before
tummy after Thermage
Thermage Client Review
Thermage Neck Lift and jaw line Contouring
neck lift and Jaw Line Contouring
Thermage Neck Lift and Jaw Line
Thermage IMG_7361

This patient has had no Botox or Filler. One Treatment of Thermage™ ONLY. Skin is brighter, tighter and younger. Quality of skin is improved with a more youthful texture and elasticity. Pores are smaller. Fine lines and ‘cracks’ are minimized.

*Actual pictures, unaltered. No Botox. No Filler

Thermage Before
Thermage After

Notice how her pores are smaller and more refined; the skin quality is better and some of the fine lines and cracks are minimized.

If this lady had plastic surgery, she would still have the SAME ‘aged’ skin. Now she has healthy and younger looking skin that is firmer and tighter!

Before and 19 days after Thermage


Eyes Thermage


You can have this NOW. Call us today to see if this is the treatment that will make you glow!
One eye has a standard Thermage™ protocol; the other demonstrates results with Live Younger protocol applied.

Our clinic is a Functional and Regenerative Medicine Clinic. Our doctors and professionals all look at restoring your physiology back to a younger, healthier state.

Through scientific advances, this is easily achieved. From nutritional repletion to hormone balancing. We know that key nutrients and hormones affect how you manage your collagen. Some states have you break down collagen faster than you can build it up. Other states help you get better results!

Our doctor assesses your blood levels for things that can age you/ accelerate your aging. And we look at you for other important things that will enhance your results.

Then we prepare you from a cellular level with essential nutrients and supplements that enhance your results.

For 6 months after we look after you at no extra cost; with special treatments that protect and prolong your treatment results.

If you read negative things about Thermage™: you have a right to be concerned. However, Thermage™ should be done by a recognised medical clinic with the real technology. There are ‘fake’ and refurbished technology out there. There are non medical clinics claiming to offer the same procedure. Our doctor specializes in cellular aging and how to stop it. Clinics are switching to CHEAPER technology that does not necessarily work as well. They won’t tell you that they switched because they don’t want to spend money on giving you the best results. We believe that you get what you pay for. (And, if you can afford to buy a new purse, shoes, eat out each month; you can afford Thermage™!)

Competitive technologies are not as well researched; and haven’t been around for as long as Thermage™. More importantly, they require NUMEROUS TREATMENTS. It ends up costing you 2-3 times more than a single Thermage™ treatment. Do you have time to keep going back for treatment after treatment? 4,5,6 or more times? Consider the travel time, time away from work and the things you would RATHER be doing. And you are not guaranteed of equivalent results that last!

WOULDN’T YOU RATHER HAVE A MEDICAL FACILITY PROVIDE YOU WITH A TREATMENT THAT WORKS? WE CHECK YOU MEDICALLY BY DOING BLOOD TESTS TO SEE IF THERE ARE THINGS THAT WILL IMPEDE YOUR RESULTS. If we have any doubt about whether you will get results or not; we simply tell you. We don’t take your money or offer you a treatment that may not get you results.

Call us now an book your no-obligation consult with our skin expert.

Thermage™ is a medical office procedure performed with a medical doctor on site.

At Live Younger, we have found that Thermage™, when combined with other very simple treatments, can reverse the appearance of aging by over 10 years.

Synergistic treatments are used in advanced skin care clinics to save time and accelerate results.

At Live Younger we are committed to giving you the best results in the least amount if time by combining treatments. In addition, we help you rejuvenate your skin and appearance at a cellar level.

Specific nutrients, hormones and cosmeceuticals affect your skin age. We will choose the best home care prescription for you to continue to maximize your results after your treatment.

Using the latest science and technology; you get younger from the inside and out! BOOK NOW.

We are so sure of the results you will get that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Cosmetic treatments. How? Because our Clinic has a unique approach to Inner Health for Outer Beauty. Using medical science to look after the inner factors that influence aging like hormone balance, toxins, stress and diet; we provide you with all the tools to protect your results and need fewer maintenance treatments over the long term. This is why we have programs and we can guarantee you results. Using our Visia Skin Analysis, we can track your progress and prove without a doubt the results you have.

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All those years of writing prescriptions, I realized my patients weren’t really getting BETTER. A drug for this and a drug for that…the same dose for everyone, even though every person is a unique individual. Then I discovered a Better way!