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Injectable filler restores volume to the aging face. It treats folds and hollows. It increases volume. It is not the same as Botox (R) which treats wrinkles. Injectable filler is made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that is found in your skin, joints, cartilage, and other tissues. It is lost as you age.

As you get older, you develop more wrinkles and saggy skin. Volume loss causes the face to look hollow and old. The first place aging occurs is around the eyes. Wrinkling of the skin happens first, which is treated with neuromodulators (Eg. Botox). Next is ‘shrinking’ and loss of the fat pads of the face.

The area affected first is the loss of the peri-orbital fat pads. It is a gradual process that creates hollowing under the eyes first. This is called the tear trough. Next is the loss of the fat pads in the mid-face – the apples of the cheek and the mid cheek. As this occurs, the skin starts to sag downwards, and folds around the mouth and chin start to deepen.

All of this occurs at different periods of life.

It is important to understand how the face ages in order to protect a natural and youthful look when using injectable fillers to restore volume. To look natural, our focus is on ‘age matching’. This means looking at your upper face, your mid-face, and your lower face and making sure they all look like they are in the same age range. This is why we look at each area of your face and choose treatments that help you look natural.
The ‘triangle of youth’ is what beauty is judged by. Fullness of the cheeks, nicely defined cheekbones, and a narrower lower face, with a tight jawline and softly rounded chin. Even the forehead should be looked at on a side profile: it should not be flat.

Too often the focus is on Botox alone, which leads to a young-looking forehead and eye area. This leaves the mid-face with deeper folds around the nose and mouth that look years older than the Botoxed upper face. Or some people focus on cheek and lip filler and Botox, but leave the Marionette folds, jowls, and under eye areas looking older without treatment.

Face Fillers Points

Volume loss is what injectable fillers address. The flattening of the cheeks, the hollows under the eyes, the loss of lip and chin volume. Other areas where volume loss make you look older are: the temple area, the outer rim of the eyes, the mid cheek. Hyaluronic acid fillers are used to refresh your appearance by restoring volume and balance to your face. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in your body. You lose it with age. When you lose it from within your skin in your 30’s, your skin looks thinner and dry. It attracts water so your skin looks more hydrated. It smoothes out lines and wrinkles. When injected correctly and the product is chosen well, your face will look completely natural and youthful. Overfilling is what people are most afraid of when they hear about filler. This is not a typical result and you should not be afraid. The reason people develop cat eyes, and overly puffy faces is that the injector is using filler instead of looking after sagging skin that needs tightening. Thread lifting is a very desired and popular cosmetic medicine technique across the world. PDO thread lifting is now available in Calgary, at Live Younger. It bridges the gap between injectable filler with skin tightening and facelifts. What this means to you is that you can achieve more lifting without your face looking too full and puffy. It is a non-surgical facelift that can provide results in a very short time. It offers lifting that is a game changer in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Teosyal by Teoxane Laboratories, is our filler of choice. It has the closest structure to your own body’s hyaluronic acid. The newest line RHA is a state of the art, unique formulation that has ’stretch’ capacity. This means it moves with your skin and tissue. No more risks of looking lumpy. This product meshes into your tissue and becomes undetectable.

This gives you the most natural results.

Based on the formulation (different density of product is used in different areas). your results can last for 1 -2 years or more.

Areas treated with filler:

The product comes in syringes of 1 to 1.2mL volumes. The prices vary dependent on the formulation and injection technique.

Pre-treatment Instructions for all Cosmetic Injectables

A nano peel is the newest way to avoid downtime and get great results.



Teosyal™  is the product we prefer for volume lifts at [Better] Medical Centre. It is closest to the hyaluronic acid your body naturally makes and requires the addition of less protein. We also prefer Teosyal because it delivers more results with less product. It lasts longer. It features specialized product variations and concentrations for different areas so you will receive the best results.


Filler adds volume and hydration to a sunken, thinning face. Filler can enhance your lips, plump your cheeks and fix an irregular jaw line. Fillers such as Restaylane/Perlane™, Juvederm™ or Teosyal™ can fit into your medical aesthetic options.


On this patient, notice these improvements

  1. Cheek Augmentation: we have added a more youthful facial volume by enhancing her cheeks and cheek bones,
  2. Jaw line: we have straightened out the dents in her jaw line so it now appears softer and less droopy.
  3. Lip Augmentation: her lips now look fuller yet natural – appealing but not excessive.
  4. Lower Eyelids – they look tighter and less crinkled. But no work was actually done on her eyelids. This is actually just a bonus consequence of her cheek augmentation!

Volume Lift (non-surgical) at Better Medical Centre: No Other Treatments

fillers before after
Lip augmentation with Teosyal™: Before (left) and After (right)
Fillers For Lips

This is a special, non bruising technique to add back lost volume to the mid-cheek. The loss of volume as you age or lose weight leads to sagging skin and crinkling.  Here is the result after just 1 syringe of Teosyal™, part way during our treatment.
Instant results!
Another syringe will complete the result to this patient’s satisfaction.

Fillers cheek-filler2

Teosyal™ has products that have been designed with different gel particle sizes that are utilized for different purposes – from eliminating tiny lines, to enhancing facial contours to adding back volume. The newest addition to the Teosyal™ product line is Ultimate – it can provide results that last longer than 18 months.

All hyaluronic acid products need a touch up after a certain length of time. Since this product, like your own skin, is a natural product, it slowly metabolizes, so your new face will gradually revert back to your old face in about 1.5 years to 2 years.

Some benefits last much longer. The injection process and adding a product into your tissues will stimulate the creation of new tissue. This enhances your results and some results will remain long after these products have been re-absorbed into your body.


Multiple factors are involved in the aging of your appearance. Stress hormones affect the breakdown of tissue. When cortisol is high, your body is in a state of ‘tear down’ more than a ‘build and repair’ state. You will notice that after periods of high stress, your face looks older. There is more hollowing, your skin looks thinner and it sags faster. The foods you eat affect your skin health. Many foods increase inflammation, even some that are considered healthy. Inflammation affects your skin health and decreases the healing and repair of skin and tissue. There are many lifestyle factors that accelerate the aging of the skin. We prefer to start with cellular aging when we treat you at Better Medical Centre. Live Younger. We specialize in cellular repair and rejuvenation using advanced science and hormone balancing. Precision medicine testing helps us understand the hormones that affect skin rejuvenation. Micronutrients are important for cell rejuvenation. This will enable you to enjoy the best results and the longest-lasting results.

The Teosyal™ product line is the most effective solution for restoring volume and reducing the signs of aging by helping you look fresher and more youthful. At Live Younger, we choose the products that are considered the closest to what your own body makes. This leaves you with the most minimal risk of reacting to the product or having any side effects. Teosyal (TM) has a line of products called RHA. These are called dynamic fillers and are the only filler that can integrate and become part of your tissue. It will never look lumpy or artificial. It cannot be seen as an ‘implant’ if you lose weight once it becomes part of your own facial tissues.


REDENSITY treatment for eyes.

Filler – mid face. Before and after on day of treatment.
Redensity has vitamins and anti-oxidants. The results will improve over 6 weeks.

“At LiveYounger we do a lot of work with patients who are fitness models, fitness professionals and athletes. These patients, both men and women, carry very low body fat percentages. This leads to severe volume loss and a sunken look to the midface/ cheeks/ eyes. Carefully placed filler replaces volume, and helps the person look more radiant.”

mid face Fillers


In the spring of 2010, Clarion Medical Technologies recruited Dr. Natasha Iyer for the trial and launch of Ultimate, their newest injectable filler. Dr. Iyer demonstrated her ‘natural lips’ technique to doctors who were already experienced in injecting filler.

She used Kiss by Teosyal™ to demonstrate how to give patients what they want : fuller and natural lips that don’t look obvious or overdone.

Kiss is an excellent product designed exclusively for lips. And so convenient that you can get your lips done and return to work immediately.

The Natural Lip Technique is quick, simple and only you will know. Contact us today and ask about how you can save with the Natural Lip Technique.

Fillers lips
Fillers Lips Before After
Fillers IMG_2338
Before and After Treatment
Face Fillers
Before and After
Face Fillers Before and After
Before and After

The fillers we have discussed are not your only options in terms of achieving effective results with the appearance of your skin. While surgery can help tighten the skin, it is highly invasive and very expensive. We therefore recommend that you invest instead in the only medical procedure backed by scientific evidence to tighten, firm and lift your skin. That technique is known as Thermage™.

All hyaluronic acid products need a touch up after a certain length of time. Since this product, like your own skin, is a natural product, it slowly metabolizes, so your new face will gradually revert back to your old face in about 1.5 years to 2 years.

Some benefits last much longer. The injection process and adding a product into your tissues will stimulate the creation of new tissue. This enhances your results and some results will remain long after these products have been re-absorbed into your body.

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